It’s about time we took a trip around Europe!  Let’s see what God has been doing…

  • Belgium, Our Mission Field (Belgium)  Ever been in Belgium? Even though you would not be able to locate it on the world map, you probably know it is a small land in the West…
  • Heading off to church through Parc Cazalet on Sunday morning (France)
  • Our App Development Process (Germany)  Mobiles are the present and future of technology for ministry…
  • Grill Party on the New Terrace (Hungary)  Everything seems to go at a slower pace in Budapest during the month of August.  Many shops are closed for summer holiday, and many families take their vacation during this month…
  • July 2014 Prayer Letter (Moldova)  Much has happened since our last prayer letter, many encouraging things.  David has started a Bible study with one or our neighbors and her daughter, Nadia and Sophia…
  • The Person I Admire The Most (Norway)  Who do you admire the most?  We admire people to different degrees and for different reasons.  The person that I admire the most is someone who embodies that “for me to live is Christ.”
  • Summer 2014 (Romania)  “Thank you Lord for Your help!”  This is what comes to mind when I look back over this past summer…
  • Parenting From a Distance (Russia)
  • Language Laughs (Spain)  So we have lived here in Spain for nearly 3 years.  We have both passed the language exam.  We can communicate fairly accurate and understand most – albeit it at times grammatically incorrect.  So you would think…


Ecuador tienda


Uganda, Mexico, Bolivia, Papua New Guinea, and South Sudan

24 September 2014

I really enjoyed these recent posts from around the world, and I hope you will too.  Struggles, wondering if work is continuing without you, wondering if it’s worth it … and some stories of visiting interesting places … and trying to get back home! Island Ministry (Uganda):  I had the opportunity to minister with a […]

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Books, Lights, War and Peace…

17 September 2014

A few more recent posts from Africa and Europe… Uganda countryside (Uganda) – thoughts about life after war After traveling (Russia) – so how was it travelling from the US to Russia? The Books Piled Next to My Bed (Ghana) – what are missionary families reading? Ways to be praying for Ukraine (Ukraine) – something […]

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Serving the Deaf, the Refugee, the Drunk, and Many More…

9 September 2014

A few more recent posts from around the world… Loving the Unlovely (Brazil)  “He was drunk.  Not just a little drunk.  He was so drunk that he had difficulty walking straight.  He was mostly incoherent.  And he picked our church…” Storm in Kulkpene (Ghana)  “Over the past few months, many farmers have been praying for […]

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4 September 2014

Today we’re going to take a quick trip to Indonesia!  Did you know that Indonesia has two sections – one where the animals seem more Asian, and the other where animals seem more Australian?  That Indonesia is one of the few countries that still allows cigarette commercials?  Well, now you know.  Now let’s learn more… […]

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Sheep, Angels, and Going Home

18 August 2014

I have a couple of posts from newer blogs for you this week. First, a rather harrowing story from Kenya (although the missionaries are now posting from Uganda)… Once upon a time, long (well, not soooo long) ago, in the land of Kenya, lived a daddy, a mommy, a preschooler and a baby.  They lived […]

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Overwhelmed? You Need to Visit Kintampo Falls…

15 August 2014

Photo courtesy of Nkansahrexford No, really, you do. When I saw the title of this post from Ghana, I knew that there would be a lot of people who could relate… For the Days When the World & I are Overwhelmed The post begins: There are days…weeks, really, that are just too much.As I check […]

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An eclectic set of posts…

5 August 2014

Quebec City, Canada Today just a few random posts from around the world for you to enjoy!  I’ll warn you – these posts are very eclectic.  Everything from food to history to disease to evangelism to … well, read it for yourself. Fruit Soup! (Hungary) Timeline: Thai Church History in Global Context (Thailand) An update […]

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3 To Pray For

25 June 2014

God hears the prayers of His people.  If the only value of this blog is that people pray – well, that alone might just change a life, and change the world. So, here are three people to pray for, from different parts of the world.  Take a moment to read their stories, and then take […]

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