We’re going to start off 2017 with some new year’s reflections from Tanzania and Cameroon.

First, two from the same blog in Cameroon. To read the post, just click the link.
Woman in Cameroon

  • Have a Sober New Year: 2017 is off to an extremely sober start here in Cameroon. Our friend and brother in Christ, Nestor, the only elder-qualified Baka man in our area, lost his wife this morning. She, still a very young woman, has battled sickness off and on, but I do not think anyone was expecting her death. We went to her funeral this evening and listened to the wailing cries of her lost family members…
  • The Best Kind of Self-Care is Care for Others: The joy that comes in serving others is grossly underrated…

And finally, from Tanzania…

By the way, congrats to the author of the last post, who is about to complete 10 years of blogging this month!


Posts to Comment On…

by Jim on 28 December 2016

in Interesting Posts

Chameleon watching you.As many of us “finish the year”, what better time to drop a line to a missionary, to give some encouragement? Or maybe just leave a comment on their blog?

Let’s start in Honduras, with a few updates about a future missions trip, a strange hot pepper story, and more – Highlights.

I don’t usually link to posts like this one, but it’s a good reminder that missionaries have the same challenges that many of you do – Adjusting to Life as a DOD (Dad Of a Diabetic) (Australia).

Just for fun – let’s do the limbo (in the jungle)! Limbo Laughs.

This is quite a description of doing ministry out the countryside of Guatemala – don’t miss An Empty Building and a Long Walk that Ended With an Open Door.

Finally, here are some missionaries actually asking for your input into their blog, and for questions that you have for them! If you’re interested in Haiti, leave a comment at Time Off…

Thanks for joining Missionary Blog Watch in 2016! Let’s see what God does in 2017. And – keep blogging!


Community, Christmas, and Travel

13 December 2016

A great eclectic mix of posts today, as we head into the Christmas season. Let’s start with the dedication of a prenatal and family counselling centre in Chile: A Time of Dedication (Ministry Monday Series). Next, let’s do something completely different to help a community, by building a bridge. A literal bridge. Well, some figurative […]

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A Tour Through the Americas

1 December 2016

Here are some recent posts from North, Central, and South America for you to enjoy… First, some reflections on building a team in Mexico – Building a Team to Realize the Vision A great reminder to pray from Ecuador – for this blogger, and other missionaries too. Check out (More than a) TIST (Things I […]

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Let’s Take A Walk…

15 November 2016

So let’s take a walk … in Ecuador, Haiti and Japan. First, a stroll through hurricane-hit Haiti. Looks like it will be easier to walk here than to drive – too easy to get stuck in the mud! Check out – Cory’s Agricultural hurricane observations and pictures It’s a beautiful day in Ecuador! But you […]

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Frustrations and Miracles, Large and Small

1 November 2016

Here’s a recent round-up of posts from missionaries around the world. Thanks for visiting! Insects, Summer, Surgeries, Sprinting… – medical adventures as summer come to Angola. When Words Become Walls – staying with the medical theme, frustrations and the need for grace in Kenya. I Don’t Just Believe in Miracles-I Have Seen Them – God […]

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Changing Our Vision

18 October 2016

Each one of these posts may challenge you to change your vision about what a missionary is, how he or she does what they do, and what they actually do. First, a couple of posts from Honduras – The Benefits of Indigenous Pastors – part one and The Benefits of Indigenous Pastors – part two […]

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Haiti: The Calm Before the Storm

4 October 2016

Missionaries face a lot of frustrations and conflicting feelings. That’s why I appreciated this particular post from Haiti, written in the shadow of Hurricane Matthew. Check out this post, and take the time to pray for Haiti – its people, including the people of God who are there. The night remained quiet, too quiet. Doesn’t […]

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Houses, Hands, and Hope

20 September 2016

Some more interesting posts for you, from around the world! First, check this one out from Tanzania – Seasons. Preparing and Growing. Of course, as the author notes and shows by example, “You can’t actually prepare for everything.” Nope, that’s for sure! Not only can you not prepare for everything, “nothing is ever simple” – […]

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Encouraging Posts from Africa, Europe, and South America

13 September 2016

One little brick building. Could it have a hand in reaching 10,000 people with the gospel? Or more? Work on Bible School continues… (Malawi). It’s always nice to get a bit of encouraging feedback, isn’t it? Here’s a little bit of confirmation – Connect 2016!! (Belgium). This is just a really neat post from Chile, […]

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