This is a good day to get a glimpse of the joys and trials of serving Christ in a cross-cultural setting.

Let’s start with a bird’s-eye view, following this missionary from Uganda as he flies in ChadFlying in Chad and Flying in Chad 2.

On to Cambodia – a simple post about The Top 6 Things I’m Learning and Living this Year.

This next post, for some reason, gave a very good look in a few words at a part of missionary life. Don’t miss this Crazy day with missionaries (Japan).
Niger and more
Although not every missionary is living in a hot climate, right now this one most certainly is! From Niger, You Know It’s Hot Season When….

These are the kinds of people God is reaching (He reaches all kinds, doesn’t He?) – Jesus loves Elisa! (Ecuador)

Finally, some training and unifying in Kenya and beyond – Transforming Mission: Growing in Partnership.


Mom & SonIn most countries around the world, though not all, Mother’s Day is sometime in May. And although it’s actually in July in South Sudan, what is it like for an ex-pat to celebrate Mother’s Day far from “home”? What is Mother’s Day like for a missionary mom in South Sudan?

Many suffer heartache around this time of year – which is why we so appreciate Unexpected Friends (Chile).

Speaking of kids and birthdays, sometimes being remembered on your birthday is a reason to cry (South Africa) – Happy birthday: he beamed, she cried.

Another birthday (Russia)! New Life!

And completely unrelated (but still interesting) … what is that sneaky missionary really up to? The Nefarious Western Plot to Stabilise and Strengthen Pakistan


TV Show, English Classes, and the Girl Who Was Deaf

3 May 2016

Here are some posts from some blogs that are new to me – and probably to you too! First, would you like to learn about missionaries who are translating a comic book and starting a TV show in Tanzania? Well, start with this post – Christmas! They’re a great way to serve the community in […]

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Taking a Drive Through Europe

26 April 2016

Sometimes it’s interesting to hear a quick overview of what someone has been up to as a missionary over many years. So here’s a quick bio – appropriately entitled My updated bio… (United Kingdom). And how about a quick look at the like of a Mom in Russia – Checking In Missionaries in Europe just […]

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Ordinary People Helping Ordinary People

19 April 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed these real, down to earth posts from missionaries all over the world. For example… Remembering Why We Dig (Kenya) The past couple of days I have been loading soil into a wheelbarrow and hauling it over to my raised beds. Not particularly difficult work, but tedious labor… School Anniversary! (Bolivia) In Bolivia, […]

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Saints in Australia

12 April 2016

I decided to take a trip to Australia today to see what’s happening with some missionaries there. First, I wanted to see how the Bookers were doing. Ok, they haven’t posted a lot lately, but I was able to check out a great post from last summer which illustrates what it’s like to live in […]

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A visit to Asia in 2016

5 April 2016

Here are some of our less-visited countries in Asia. Let’s start with the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, otherwise known as East Timor. Just a quick post about someone who came to help – I think a lot of missionaries would appreciate this kind of help! Take a look at Thank you, Amy! Speaking of helping […]

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Eggnog and Easter

1 April 2016

Thanks for taking another trip with us today as we visit missionaries around the world! Burgers and Eggnog (Russia): Now here’s a great way to get more people in your English class! April 2016 Newsletter (Guatemala): Just a few notes about what’s been going on – a glimpse into missionary life. Thanks for Sending Me! […]

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When Health Fails, Short Term Teams, and More

22 March 2016

This week’s picks – March Madness… (Mozambique) and also some time in Tanzania. Visiting Team from Denmark – how can they serve in Bolivia? Check it out. Fleeting, Time is Heart’s Beating (Mexico) A thought from a missionary who recently suffered a heart attack. Not vacation, catalyzation. (Mexico) A short term team, and thoughts on […]

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A Photo Caught My Eye…

15 March 2016

I haven’t done this for a while – so, it’s time! I went through some of the recent posts from missionary bloggers around the world, and found photos that caught my eye! Photos are important in posts – especially if they’re original, and not just copied (legally, hopefully!) from elsewhere. So here you go, some […]

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