Everyone loves infographics, right? Well, here’s one to help you pray – The Current State of Missions in Japan

Airplane TravelNext, some great pictures of some heroes of the missionary world – The Unsung Heroes of MAF — Engineers (Uganda)

One missionary’s experience of “home assignment” (or “furlough”) may be extreme in some ways, but then again, I’m sure a lot of missionaries will relate! The Five Stages of Home{less} Assignment (Niger – and beyond!)

Rwanda – beautiful. But would you walk on this bridge? A Walk in the Woods

It’s always interesting to simply get an overview of what a missionary does. So here you go – What else do you do? (Thailand)

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for – an unexpected gift leads to a long obsession in JapanLong johns!

(On a more serious note, from the same blog, here’s a prayer request – The unexpected)




Just a few recent posts from around the world…

  • Why Go To Another Country? (Chile) “Why are you in Chile?” That’s a question we have received way more times that we can recall. The question is a real door opener…
  • Observations and Perspectives… (Angola) Following are “brief” summaries of some personal vacation conversations with our Father (each message directed firstly to me and, perhaps, to you) about our work/life at this point on my journey (my next post will resume stories from our work)…
  • And now – the latest fashion from France
  • The One Thing Your Husband Really Wants From You {It’s Not What You Think!} (Uganda) About a year ago I sent my husband a list of things that I thought that he might like to see me do around the house. I asked him to put the list according to priority, from greatest to least…
  • Time out for some site-seeing: A Visit to Golra Sharif Railway Museum, Islamabad (Pakistan) One Saturday morning we took the kids to the Golra Sharif train museum on the outskirts of Islamabad. The first difficulty we faced in this task was finding the museum at all, which is more difficult than you might think…
  • What’s growing in Haiti? Winter weather.
  • (Re)introducing Myself — Outside the Frame (Nigeria) The link-up is called Outside the Frame and the aim is to draw bloggers together who are willing to be open and honest about life outside the frame of the camera….. Pictures can make our lives look perfect and this is a chance to be real, to show what is outside the frame…


This is Private!

27 January 2016

Courtney Roes over at The Roes Garden (Germany) is concerned about privacy on the internet. And let’s face it, security is on everyone’s mind – whether you’re overseas in a sensitive location, or even in your own culture trying to serve the Lord with your cell phone and your laptop. If you want to learn […]

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Driving and Flying In Africa

20 January 2016

I love just driving around in a new country, don’t you? That’s just one of the things you’ll get to do today if you check out these missionary blogs in Africa… A Huge Sigh of Relief – the end of two years of major road construction (Niger)! Let’s drive around and take a look… Why […]

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A Visit to Europe

13 January 2016

Just a few posts from Europe to get you learning and praying… Thankfuls at Advent (Belgium) Daily Life (Belgium) Building (Moldova) Thank You from Ukraine’s Refugees (Ukraine)

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Newly added Missionary Blogs!

5 January 2016

Now that the blog lists are cleaned up, it’s time to add a few new blogs! Here are a few recent posts from blogs never before seen here! One of Those Weeks (Uganda)What do you get when your phone falls into the toilet, your computer stops connecting to the internet, your ATM card isn’t working, […]

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A Personal Note

30 December 2015

Thanks so much to all of you who have visited Missionary Blogs and Missionary Blog Watch over the past year! As you know, the list of blogs that are featured here has been updated once again, and I’m in the process of adding new blogs to the list.This site has been a catalyst to connect […]

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Christmas in . . .

23 December 2015

Here are some Christmas missionary blog posts for you to enjoy – not necessarily from this year, but you can check out the home pages of the blogs below to see what’s new! Celebrating Christmas in Angola Christmas In Uganda Christmas Party at the Shelter (Mexico) The Impact of Christmas (Bulgaria) CHRISTMAS in RURAL PARAGUAY […]

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Let’s Visit South America!

15 December 2015

This is a busy time in South America, too! And in the midst of it all – the saving work of Jesus Christ continues. Come travel with us and see what’s happening in this part of the world… First, in Peru – All of the ways we are the same. Thoughts about our relationships with […]

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Snakes, Sports, and So Much More

9 December 2015

More interesting posts from around the world to spice up your Wednesday: 3 Camps in 2 Days: So you want to visit some camps in South Sudan? Check out what’s happening in this report with pictures. The Thiessen Talk’O – September 2015: This is a long post from Mexico, but the first part caught my […]

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