Sheep, Angels, and Going Home

by Jim on 18 August 2014

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I have a couple of posts from newer blogs for you this week.

First, a rather harrowing story from Kenya (although the missionaries are now posting from Uganda)…

Once upon a time, long (well, not soooo long) ago, in the land of Kenya, lived a daddy, a mommy, a preschooler and a baby.  They lived down by the river but the preschooler’s friends lived up near the top of the hill.  One fine day a friend called for the preschooler to “come up to my house and play.”  A play time was arranged….
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Next, a missionary perspective on “home”, blogging from the Dominican Republic

Home.  What a complicated concept.  I’ve lived in several countries and have had nearly 30 homes during the whole thing.  In just a few months, Ashley and I will celebrate 4 years of marriage.  During those 4 years we’ve had 3 different homes.  Bouncing from place to place might be resolved if we could just narrow it down and understand this concept of home…
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Kintampo Falls
Photo courtesy of Nkansahrexford

No, really, you do.

When I saw the title of this post from Ghana, I knew that there would be a lot of people who could relate…

For the Days When the World & I are Overwhelmed

The post begins:

There are days…weeks, really, that are just too much.
As I check the news each morning, I feel the press, the weight, the burden pressing down on my mind and heart.

Well, if you’re feeling like the world is falling apart, take the time to go through this post, looking at the pictures, following the story, enjoying the creation and thinking of the Creator.

Sometimes you just need a post like this.


An eclectic set of posts…

5 August 2014

Quebec City, Canada Today just a few random posts from around the world for you to enjoy!  I’ll warn you – these posts are very eclectic.  Everything from food to history to disease to evangelism to … well, read it for yourself. Fruit Soup! (Hungary) Timeline: Thai Church History in Global Context (Thailand) An update […]

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3 To Pray For

25 June 2014

God hears the prayers of His people.  If the only value of this blog is that people pray – well, that alone might just change a life, and change the world. So, here are three people to pray for, from different parts of the world.  Take a moment to read their stories, and then take […]

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Where the Action Is: Brazil, Thailand, Russia and more…

11 June 2014

The world will soon be watching Brazil because of the World Cup… but maybe the most exciting thing happening isn’t where you think! Why were these people climbing up Munku-Sardik in Siberia, Russia? A sad story from Niger – Refuge Gone Wrong. In Paraguay, these missionaries welcome some short-termers!  It’s always interesting to see what […]

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Cancer, Karen, and Kinks – Around the World this Week

28 May 2014

I know it’s been pretty quiet around here lately.  That’s because I’ve been travelling and haven’t had a lot of internet access. But it’s time to share a few recent posts with you.  Get to know a new missionary – and pray for one! Cancer Compassion (Puerto Rico, USA) – using cancer on the mission […]

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Church Planting “bottle-neck”, Wresting, and More…

29 April 2014

Just a few random posts and prayer requests… I love these semi-random photos from Dakar, Senegal:  Dakar from here Some interesting insights about church planting in Training Others (Brazil) Wrestling… with life in another culture – in this case, Kenya. Small business, micro loans and projectors in Haiti A simple post, a simple prayer request […]

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Pictures that Caught My Eye

17 April 2014

I haven’t done this for a while, but sometimes I like to browse through posts and see which pictures catch my eye. When it comes to blogs, pictures are very important and should be the norm rather than the exception.  That doesn’t mean you should turn your blog into a photo gallery, but it does […]

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A quick visit to Mozambique

9 April 2014

Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the Republic of Mozambique.  Mozambique is in south western Africa, a coastal country where wonderful things like cotton, cashews, and coconuts grow! First, a couple of kids to pray for … Meet the Meninos ~ Julio and Gil Wait – missionaries have little kids too?  Seriously…. By […]

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Bullets, Big Rocks and – The Precious Exhauster?

2 April 2014

On wonders how some vehicles survive the journey.  Great pictures from Niger in Odds and Ends during March. Lent and the Precious Exhauster (Kenya) – hey, you’ll be thankful if the Precious Exhauster ever needs to come to your house! Big, small, medium-sized – they’re all stresses in Ukraine.  But finally this missionary has a […]

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