You could argue that missions is all about need, and trying to meet that need. So today’s blog posts are about both of those.

First, a very simple and basic need – food – Malawi’s looming food crisis.

Next, the need for honour – something God offers in abundance. But do we look for it in the right places? From Ghana, It’s professional.

Next, meeting food and health needs in Haiti: Grand Riviere Clinic Day.

And finally, visiting missionaries in Guinea, and seeing how they are meeting needs: A Place of Dependence.



by Jim on 23 January 2018

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I think you’ll really enjoy today’s posts. First, from Tanzania, Learning From Those Who Pray All Night (hey, that’s not just an Africa thing. I’ll bet many of you from other parts of the world have been involved in all night prayer meetings!).

Now for some fun – it’s been a while since we’ve had a vlog. So here it is, from Switzerland — or maybe Germany, Can we agree on anything?

Here’s a great way to learn about overseas internships, otherwise known as Extended Stay Missions, in this case in Honduras.

Finally back to Africa – well, almost back to Africa – as you’ll see. Let’s label it South Sudan. Timely words for many missionaries: God is working in the Waiting


Watching God work, as the years go by …

9 January 2018

Hi everyone! And welcome to 2018! Just three posts today, but they’re good ones. Check these out: To me, this post emphasizes the joys of long term ministry. I’m not necessarily talking about being in one place for a long time (actually, this missionary wasn’t), but simply the joy of seeing God work over the […]

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Giving and Grieving, Requesting and Remembering, in December

12 December 2017

December is an interesting month around the world for missionaries. Sometimes it’s things you would expect – like creatively making gifts for children, as these volunteers are doing in Bosnia. There are also special outreaches that may or may not relate to Christmas, such as this one in Río Blanco, Mexico. And another one from […]

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The Invasion of the Millipedes (and other missionary posts)

28 November 2017

A great collection of posts today – and truly some great “missionary topics”, as well as things that will bless you, whether missionary or not. First, a hilarious post that I can certainly relate to – from Tanzania, the Invasion of the Millipedes! Now, here’s a post to get you meditating on the incarnation – […]

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13 November 2017

I know I posted about Bible translation last week — but hey, it’s hard to get very far if you can’t even hear God’s Word in a language you can understand! So here it is — a post from just a few days ago in Democratic Republic of Congo: Tembo New Testament received with much […]

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Reflections on Translation, and More

4 November 2017

And today, some interesting reflections on Bible translation, an obligatory Reformation post, and more! Go and visit these missionary blogs from around the world… The Unfortunate Consequences of Short-Sighted Bible Translation (Cameroon) – Some fascinating thoughts about Bible translation from a long-term point of view. Power interface (Ghana) – Why Bible translation is a key […]

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Our Treasure, and First Term Life

18 October 2017

Just two posts today from two newer missionary blogs. First, lots of work for first term missionaries preparing to serve children at risk in Mexico. Check out We are not alone. Next, these two pictures from Togo are worth a thousand words. Take time to look, and to share Our Greatest Treasure.

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3 October 2017

This week we’re going to be looking at some posts from recent disasters. Because I’m usually writing these posts in advance, you’re not always seeing the latest news. But, of course, you can always go to the home page of the blog to see if there is more recent news. Of course I’m also limited […]

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Diving into a new Season

19 September 2017

Lots of things are “starting up” for the fall – today we’ll check some of them out! Discipleship – what a crazy idea! New Semester (Hungary) Connecting with people in many ways – Back in the Groove (Mexico) Seriously, what’s with all this teaching and discipling from the Bible? Summer Newsletter: Church Plant, Summer Camp, […]

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