A few posts about people, meeting with people, trying to meet with people… I guess meetings aren’t all bad…

  • Sitting Under a Tree (Tanzanaia): It was that familiar feeling of sitting under a tree wondering if anyone would come and join you…
  • An Unusual Visit (South Sudan): On Saturday my teammate Melissa and I were invited to visit a young teenage girl, probably about 17, whom I will call Teresa. She just started coming to our Saturday Bible study in the Yusif Batil camp and we were excited to have her, especially when we heard that she was from an influential family in the camp…
  • Fruit, Unseen, Elders, Disease… (Angola): No matter how hard we pull on a young plant, it will not produce fruit more quickly…
  • Tales From Japan: Kumamoto, a story of Healing Hands: After over a month since our last effort of assisting people in Kumamoto after the devastating earthquake in April, I traveled with a team of volunteers from both Osaka and Okinawa to the epicenter of the quake in Mashiki, Kumamoto…


Today I’m just going to feature one blog post. It’s a long one, but it’s worth the read.

Farmer in Angola

A farmer in Angola, drying out coffee beans

Tim and Betsy have lived in Angola for just over 4 years. Angola is in South Africa. The official language is Portuguese, but there are many other languages spoken. Civil war and drought have played a large part in destroying the quality of life.

The post, focused on medical treatment, is Rounds, Fistulas, X-Rays, Trees…. If you take the time to read the article, you’ll learn about challenges that exist not only in Angola, but in many cases in much of the world. Such as…

  • How can you organize a hospital with limited beds and limited staff?
  • How do you find opportunities to address physical and spiritual issues?
  • How do you control the flow of medicine, which costs money, when so many people are in need? And in a culture that is virtually cashless?
  • When do you adapt to local culture, and when do you try to change it?
  • How do you compete – and should you – with “natural” healers?
  • How do you overcome communication issues over various languages and cultures?

I can’t promise a final answer to all these things, but the thoughts and stories in the post will make you think!


Serving, Communicating, and Giving.

14 June 2016

As usual, some pretty random posts today. But there are some really fascinating ones – I’ll try to give you a bit of an introduction. Why We Travel (Senegal): missionaries supporting missionaries. Why is all this travel needed? Our new church in Chile is supporting missionaries: What else can I say? Awesome. Perspective and transformation: […]

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Missionary News from Several Continents

7 June 2016

Some common (and heart-felt) missionary dilemmas in Returning Home? Or Leaving Our Home? (Chile) A unique post – not from the missionary blogger, but an El Salvadoran national – and worth a read. A Salvadoran Perspective on the Violence And now, a look at nature from South Africa – who knew there were Antlions? Sharing […]

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Missionaries – Never the same thing…

1 June 2016

Missionaries do all kinds of things, in all kinds of ways. You might not be surprised to hear about missionaries involved in flood relief – check this out in Kenya – Prayer Update: CBM Flood Relief in Garrisa. But here are some other ways you could be involved in missions – these missionaries in Bulgaria […]

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Zooming in on Missionary Life

17 May 2016

This is a good day to get a glimpse of the joys and trials of serving Christ in a cross-cultural setting. Let’s start with a bird’s-eye view, following this missionary from Uganda as he flies in Chad – Flying in Chad and Flying in Chad 2. On to Cambodia – a simple post about The […]

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Birthday Tears, Mothers, and … Spies?

10 May 2016

In most countries around the world, though not all, Mother’s Day is sometime in May. And although it’s actually in July in South Sudan, what is it like for an ex-pat to celebrate Mother’s Day far from “home”? What is Mother’s Day like for a missionary mom in South Sudan? Many suffer heartache around this […]

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TV Show, English Classes, and the Girl Who Was Deaf

3 May 2016

Here are some posts from some blogs that are new to me – and probably to you too! First, would you like to learn about missionaries who are translating a comic book and starting a TV show in Tanzania? Well, start with this post – Christmas! They’re a great way to serve the community in […]

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Taking a Drive Through Europe

26 April 2016

Sometimes it’s interesting to hear a quick overview of what someone has been up to as a missionary over many years. So here’s a quick bio – appropriately entitled My updated bio… (United Kingdom). And how about a quick look at the like of a Mom in Russia – Checking In Missionaries in Europe just […]

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Ordinary People Helping Ordinary People

19 April 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed these real, down to earth posts from missionaries all over the world. For example… Remembering Why We Dig (Kenya) The past couple of days I have been loading soil into a wheelbarrow and hauling it over to my raised beds. Not particularly difficult work, but tedious labor… School Anniversary! (Bolivia) In Bolivia, […]

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