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You’ll be glad to hear that all of the missionary blog lists have been updated! So you can have fun browsing blogs again – many of which haven’t been listed before.

First check the main Missionary bloggers page to see 20 sample blogs, from the old to the new. That page also has links to all four blog lists.

The two lists that were updated today are:

Up-and-coming missionary bloggers
The Brand New Missionary Bloggers

“Brand New” actually just means that they’re in the newest quarter of blogs on the list, meaning that they actually go from 2009 to 2015 (the year they went online – of course they’re still being updated). But that’s a lot older than the ancient blogs that were started in 2002 or 2003.

I’m also trying something a little different with the main feed of missionary blogs. The posts will not necessarily be in chronological order, but they should be all current – check it out here: feeds.feedburner.com/Missionary-Blogs

Or, as always, check out the feed on the main missionary blogs page. It’s actually still a work in progress, so hang in there while I try to fix it up completely.


But Jesus…

5 November 2015

Here are a few recent posts from missionaries around the world for you to enjoy. Just some interesting reflections, and random updates. Reflecting & Remembering: One year ago, this month, we were still in the States on our home assignment praying about what God had next for our family. In November, we believed God was […]

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Missionary Blog Updates!

29 October 2015

It’s a great time to explore some new blogs! There are lots of updates going on around here. So far, we have two updated blog lists. Check them out here: The Veteran Missionary BloggersThe Experienced Missionary Bloggers Also, there is some experimentation going on with our main blog feed. It’s not quite where it should […]

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First Bed, Feeling Clueless, and More

20 October 2015

A few somewhat random, and yet fascinating, posts for you today. For example, have you ever seen the look on someone’s face when they sleep in a bed for the very first time? (Kenya) I think every missionary has experienced this – trying to reach out and yet feeling a little (or a LOT) Clueless! […]

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More “Revived” Blogs

1 October 2015

It’s time for a few more (possibly) revived missionary blogs (see the last post here for an explanation). Check them out – and comment! Do you ever take a break? Think about it – Holidays? (Macedonia) Birthdays – not the same in every culture! Happy Birthday to Me! (Asia) When we need something solid – […]

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“Revived” Missionary Blogs

16 September 2015

Today we’re going to take a look at a few missionary blogs that were at one point removed from our list – but they’re back! Maybe! Why would a blog be removed? Maybe the owner left cross-cultural ministry, or changed the nature of their blog… but most likely they just stopped blogging for a while. […]

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Why Didn’t I Learn This Before Becoming A Missionary?

2 September 2015

Some very interesting posts from more of the newest-missionary-blogs-on-the-block! Some posts that will be especially interesting for those contemplating or preparing for missionary service… First, from Moldova, making contacts and sharing the Gospel. And older, but interesting update: March 2015 Prayer Letter So what would you say to your younger self? Here’s a missionary’s take […]

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The Colour of Urine, and Other Missionary Reflections.

19 August 2015

We continue our survey of blogs with some of the newest blogs on the block… It’s surprisingly interesting to read about Being Dehydrated in Cambodia! Transition, transition transition – it’s Our chosen reality, no matter what… (Uganda) Biscuits for the Fire Brigade? Check it out! (Australia) Cyclone! (Vanuatu) Finally, more fun pictures – Best of […]

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God Closes a Chicken Factory (and more!)

5 August 2015

As I mentioned last time, I’m linking to some older posts this summer because I’ve had to get these links up in advance. Of course you can always read the latest posts or older posts just by poking around the blog you’re visiting.Today we’re looking at blogs that have been around for less than five […]

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