People are praying for South Sudan. Would you like to join them?

Check out the news from July 2016 using the previous link. Also, check out this appropriate post: Praying for South Sudan

Next, check out what these missionaries are doing after plans for their return to South Sudan got scuttled – Finding Joy in Uncertain Times

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The third and final episode (for now) featuring countries that we don’t talk about as much here at Missionary Blog Watch

We start with Democratic Republic of Congo, and a post entitled The Joy of Discovery – pictures and a video of a graduation party.

statues in Hungary

Statues at a flea market in Budapest, Hungary

And from Hungary, a very interesting cultural tidbit – Smile!

Staying in Hungary, a visit from a short term team from the USA meant food, music, and more! Welcome Northgate!

And finishing off with Argentina, various notes about what’s going on in ministry and with the family. Check it out at Another month went by.

See the previous posts in this series – Less-mentioned Countries and Less-mentioned Countries (part 2).


Less-mentioned Countries (part 2)

12 July 2016

Today we’re going to continue our look at countries we don’t talk about so much. We started last week with the first six countries. First, a trip to Iraq, What we build at the Refuge Initiative, all about building homes for refugees. There’s a video so that you can actually see what these homes look […]

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Less-mentioned Countries

5 July 2016

Every once in a while I like to share posts from countries which are not mentioned as often here (as seen in the country cloud on the sidebar). So – this is one of those days! Let’s start with Vanuatu, an ocean nation made up of 80 (!) islands. Read about the challenge of communication […]

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Meetings – Under trees, with refugees… In Japan and South Sudan…

28 June 2016

A few posts about people, meeting with people, trying to meet with people… I guess meetings aren’t all bad… Sitting Under a Tree (Tanzanaia): It was that familiar feeling of sitting under a tree wondering if anyone would come and join you… An Unusual Visit (South Sudan): On Saturday my teammate Melissa and I were […]

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Medical Treatment in the Village

21 June 2016

Today I’m just going to feature one blog post. It’s a long one, but it’s worth the read. Tim and Betsy have lived in Angola for just over 4 years. Angola is in South Africa. The official language is Portuguese, but there are many other languages spoken. Civil war and drought have played a large […]

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Serving, Communicating, and Giving.

14 June 2016

As usual, some pretty random posts today. But there are some really fascinating ones – I’ll try to give you a bit of an introduction. Why We Travel (Senegal): missionaries supporting missionaries. Why is all this travel needed? Our new church in Chile is supporting missionaries: What else can I say? Awesome. Perspective and transformation: […]

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Missionary News from Several Continents

7 June 2016

Some common (and heart-felt) missionary dilemmas in Returning Home? Or Leaving Our Home? (Chile) A unique post – not from the missionary blogger, but an El Salvadoran national – and worth a read. A Salvadoran Perspective on the Violence And now, a look at nature from South Africa – who knew there were Antlions? Sharing […]

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Missionaries – Never the same thing…

1 June 2016

Missionaries do all kinds of things, in all kinds of ways. You might not be surprised to hear about missionaries involved in flood relief – check this out in Kenya – Prayer Update: CBM Flood Relief in Garrisa. But here are some other ways you could be involved in missions – these missionaries in Bulgaria […]

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Zooming in on Missionary Life

17 May 2016

This is a good day to get a glimpse of the joys and trials of serving Christ in a cross-cultural setting. Let’s start with a bird’s-eye view, following this missionary from Uganda as he flies in Chad – Flying in Chad and Flying in Chad 2. On to Cambodia – a simple post about The […]

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