Houses, Hands, and Hope

by Jim on 20 September 2016

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Some more interesting posts for you, from around the world! First, check this one out from TanzaniaSeasons. Preparing and Growing. Of course, as the author notes and shows by example, “You can’t actually prepare for everything.” Nope, that’s for sure!

Not only can you not prepare for everything, “nothing is ever simple” – at least, not in Kenya. But here are some building techniques that you may not be familiar with – lots of pictures from a Great Monday!

Now, let’s go behind the scenes. Have you ever wondered how much preparation goes in to getting those little Christmas shoeboxes (Operation Christmas Child) around the world? Well, here’s a hint, from Bosnia and Herzegovina (well, Bulgaria, actually) – Samaritan’s Purse seminar

“Hope is an amazing force!” Yes, it is! In Niger, here’s a great example in Give Us a Hand!


Beach in Malawi

On a beach in Malawi

One little brick building. Could it have a hand in reaching 10,000 people with the gospel? Or more? Work on Bible School continues… (Malawi).

It’s always nice to get a bit of encouraging feedback, isn’t it? Here’s a little bit of confirmation – Connect 2016!! (Belgium).

This is just a really neat post from Chile, about potential team members visiting the field with an eye to moving there. If you ever wonder if that could be you – or even if you think it never could be – don’t miss Welcoming the Fishers, Part One.

So you’re feeling like complaining today? A little grumpy? Maybe this story will help. Take a cyber-visit to Uganda, and hear the story of Vincent.



6 September 2016

For a lot of people, it’s that time of year again. New teachers, new books, new frustrations, more structure, or maybe less . . . I imagine quite a few missionaries are in situations like these ones – missionaries in Kenya, but the family isn’t all together… Paradox Staying in Kenya, it’s time for new […]

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Raising Funds with Coffee Beans

29 August 2016

There are a lot of ways to raise funds for missions. Check out what Russell has been doing lately: The coffee farm goal – to create a sustainability aspect for funding the ministry – is becoming a reality, and this is happening because of Russell’s vision and his planning, his studying and a lot of […]

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Summer Fruit: A Reflection from Mexico

16 August 2016

For this missionary, the summer was a very busy time! But “busy” doesn’t mean “worthwhile”. So – was it? Read some reflections from a missionary in Mexico: This summer has been busy for us. I actually hate using the word “busy” because so often it can be confused with “productive” or even “spiritual.” But activity […]

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9 August 2016

Connecting with people in isolation, people with disabilities, with missionaries, with people who don’t speak our language – these blog posts will get you thinking about how God wants us to connect with people near us and around the world. Connecting the Dots – interviews with members of a visiting team (Honduras): Allen, Trish, and […]

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From Misunderstanding to Understanding

2 August 2016

Learning language – learning culture – it takes time, patience and commitment. Here’s a missionary, hard at work, who was helped by the “The Iceberg Principle” in language learning (Kenya). By the way, if you’d like a bigger graphic showing the Iceberg Principle, with an explanation, check out Growing Your Language Iceberg. Very useful! A […]

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South Sudan, and Changes of Plans

25 July 2016

People are praying for South Sudan. Would you like to join them? Check out the news from July 2016 using the previous link. Also, check out this appropriate post: Praying for South Sudan Next, check out what these missionaries are doing after plans for their return to South Sudan got scuttled – Finding Joy in […]

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Less-mentioned Countries (part 3)

19 July 2016

The third and final episode (for now) featuring countries that we don’t talk about as much here at Missionary Blog Watch… We start with Democratic Republic of Congo, and a post entitled The Joy of Discovery – pictures and a video of a graduation party. And from Hungary, a very interesting cultural tidbit – Smile! […]

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Less-mentioned Countries (part 2)

12 July 2016

Today we’re going to continue our look at countries we don’t talk about so much. We started last week with the first six countries. First, a trip to Iraq, What we build at the Refuge Initiative, all about building homes for refugees. There’s a video so that you can actually see what these homes look […]

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