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by Jim on 30 December 2015

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Thanks so much to all of you who have visited Missionary Blogs and Missionary Blog Watch over the past year! As you know, the list of blogs that are featured here has been updated once again, and I’m in the process of adding new blogs to the list.
Pray for Missionaries!
This site has been a catalyst to connect people around the world. Some have met in person, others have been called to pray for ministries around the world. Maybe some have just gained a better understanding of the world and what God is doing in it.

And can you believe it? This site is now completing 10 years of sharing missionary blogs!

If you would like to support this site, it’s easy – just drop a few coins or bills into the tip jar! Not a penny goes to me directly – it all goes to the upkeep of this site, which does cost money.

Thanks in advance for your help! Tell your friends, and keep on praying for missionaries around the world!

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