A visit to Albania

by Jim on 28 May 2010

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Today we’re going to take a little tour of Albania.  Here are some recent posts out of the country that caught my attention.

The flag of Albania

The challenges of learning to live together – do we really know how to do it well?  And on a related topic, did you know arranged marriages are alive and well in Albania?

And now for something completely different.  An emergency delivery.  No, not a baby…

On the thought provoking side, On Adaptation (or, Should I Wear a Loin Cloth?).

While we’re on the topic of being a missionary, what’s this weird thing they call a furlough?, otherwise known as HMA- Home Ministry Assignment?

Some pictures and video – Happy New Year Shkoder 2010 and the Changing Face of Shkoder.  (Shkodër is a city in NW Albania)

Finally, what better way to get to know Albanians than to visit them in their homes?  Let’s do it, by reading Hospitality… the Heart of Albanian Homes.

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