Advice for Aspiring Missionaries: Missionary Blog Carnival #3

by Jim on 9 February 2009

in Missionary Blog Carnival

Thinking of becoming a missionary?

The entries in this edition of the Missionary Blog Carnival totally exceeded my expectations.  I was amazed by the depth, thoughtfulness, and variety in these posts.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

This time I was asking for advice for people wanting to be missionaries.  The posts are below, and I’ve tried to put them in some vague order.  The ones at the beginning are more focused on people just starting to think about missions.  Then the posts focus more on people preparing to go, then advice for those already on the field.  We end with some summaries of the whole process.


One note: some of you who entered didn’t send me the link to a specific blog post.  I can’t enter you in the carnival if I don’t have a post to link to.  So that may be why you sent something in, and yet aren’t listed above!

There’s so much variety above, but I did notice at least two themes running through many posts:

  1. We need the Lord, and we need each other.  The underlying importance of the community of believers (locally and around the world), and the importance of trusting the Lord, prayer, and studying God’s Word.
  2. DO something.  Several times the idea was expressed that we need to stop saying "Well, maybe someday I’ll…", and start just doing SOMETHING.

Thanks again for your entries!  Check out the Missionary Blog Carnival page for information on the next carnival!

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