Blogging in a “Closed Country”? (and other security tips)

by Jim on 28 March 2013

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I realized it’s been a while since I posted about this, so here are some brief thoughts to consider.

  • Everyone needs to be cautious about what they post.  Your information can be abused and misused.  Do think about your family, your future, and other people that you mention in your posts.  This will vary depending on where you are and what you do, but everyone should have their own personal “policy”.
  • There are other options besides a “password protected” blog.  Although this is an “easy” solution, it has some major downsides.  First of all, it really only provides “light” security if someone really wants to get at your information.  Second, by making your blog harder to access, you’re not encouraging people to read it.
  • Remember that security needs to be strong across different types of media.  If you have a super-secure blog but you’re posting lots of stuff on Facebook, you could find that you’re not solving any problem.
  • There are some great solutions if you think it through a little first.  You can create a completely anonymous blog with pseudonyms and an imaginary location.  Or you can simply avoid using names of people you mention, and specific locations.

A useful tool that I’ve mentioned here before has been updated.  You can get a copy of the Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents here.  Though not from a Christian perspective, it gives great in-depth and up-to-date advice to get your started, especially if you’re really concerned about being anonymous in a very closed country.

Obviously I’m a strong proponent of missionary blogs.  But remember that once you put something online – a comment, a blog post, a facebook “like” – it’s going to leave a trail permanently, no matter how much you try to erase it.  A reasonable plan thought out ahead of time can allow you to still get information out to your networks without causing unnecessary danger.

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1 Johnny Brooks April 5, 2013 at 8:06 am

Great tips. Here in Kenya the government has begun paying attention to bloggers and social media. In fact there has even been real world charges brought against people.

My policy is to avoid politics and name dropping.

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