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Why so many use Feedburner – Missionary Blog Tip #14

28 July 2009

One of our earliest tips – waaaay back in 2005 – was to make sure you have a functioning, visible, accessible, news feed.  Though the vast majority of missionary bloggers now have functioning feeds, it’s amazing how many still don’t have a visible, easy to find, working link or button to their feed. One of […]

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Serious about blogging? Missionary Blog Tip #13

24 April 2009

Some people just put their monthly newsletter in their blog.  Other people only post once every few months when the guilt catches up with them.  Some people are sporadic – they blog every day for a month, then disappear for a half a year.  This post probably isn’t for you. However, there are some of […]

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The Power of Blog Connections

25 September 2008

I just got an email from Jim and Shelley from Livin’ Our Dreams.  They shared with me this great story about relationships and blogs that I want to share with you: About a year ago an operator of two Christian Radio Stations in western KS contacted us.  He found us on the site and we […]

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19 August 2008

Let’s talk about missionary blog videos, and check out a few… Shopping for a cow in Kenya – get the story and video!  And speaking of big animals, take a look at a rodeo in Brazil. Time for the cute-kid videos – check out “Papa“, fun with kids and technology, Noa and Martha perform, and […]

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You're famous! Now what?

1 August 2008

Many bloggers start out not really realizing that their blogs are publicly available to millions.  Others wonder why the millions aren’t coming to their blog! What actually tends to happen on a well-made blog is that people interested in what you’re doing, in what you’re talking about, those are the ones that eventually find you. […]

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Comment (elsewhere) – Missionary blog tip #12

12 July 2008

Being a blogger means being part of a larger community. You’ve put yourself out there on the net, and you’re (ideally) attracting people that are interested in what you’re doing.  You love to get comments on your blog (you do have comments turned on, right?  And you’re responding?)  But what about commenting on other people’s […]

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Missionary blog tip: The Newbie Guide

4 March 2008

A lot of people visit this site, visit the blogs, then email me and say,”Wow — cool!  How can I do that?” Well, I’ve posted a whole bunch of blogging tips here that you do need to read.  And Dr. Mike gave us some reasons why missionaries should blog in the first place.  But I […]

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Missionary blog tip: Why Blog?

16 January 2008

Dr Mike of Kids’ Doc in Jos recently (ok, this past September) created a presentation about blogging for missionaries entitled “Why Blog?”.  He graciously agreed to share it with us.  Unfortunately, my computer skills are limited and I couldn’t figure out how to include it here.  But – probably all the better to see it […]

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First things

25 September 2007

Just for fun, I wanted to find out how people started their blogs.  These are taken at random.  Of course, some people may have deleted their first posts, or else added a newsletter later on.  But this is what I came up with… First, the “we’re finally blogging” posts. Finally:  Here we are just now […]

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Link! – Missionary Blog Tip #11

17 September 2007

Ok, so we all know how great it is when people link to your site. Especially people who are interested in you, or who have sites related to yours.  Those links help you build relationships with other people interested in what you’re doing – and, more importantly, in what God is doing.  If we do […]

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