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Haiti: The Calm Before the Storm

4 October 2016

Missionaries face a lot of frustrations and conflicting feelings. That’s why I appreciated this particular post from Haiti, written in the shadow of Hurricane Matthew. Check out this post, and take the time to pray for Haiti – its people, including the people of God who are there. The night remained quiet, too quiet. Doesn’t […]

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South Sudan, and Changes of Plans

25 July 2016

People are praying for South Sudan. Would you like to join them? Check out the news from July 2016 using the previous link. Also, check out this appropriate post: Praying for South Sudan Next, check out what these missionaries are doing after plans for their return to South Sudan got scuttled – Finding Joy in […]

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Saints in Australia

12 April 2016

I decided to take a trip to Australia today to see what’s happening with some missionaries there. First, I wanted to see how the Bookers were doing. Ok, they haven’t posted a lot lately, but I was able to check out a great post from last summer which illustrates what it’s like to live in […]

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God is Working in South America

8 March 2016

Starting off our trip in Chile, just how do you eat an elephant? It’s kind of like being a missionary… check out Returning & Regrouping. And in Ecuador, for those who think that all missionaries should have pictures of big spiders on their blogs, here it is – Tarantula in Talin!. From Paraguay, the wonders […]

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Going Deeper in Thailand

16 February 2016

Today we’re going to take some time to visit bloggers in the Kingdom of Thailand. First, one missionary family celebrates 6 years serving in the country. They take the time to look back in their post Year Six. Next, a guest post and something to think about – 7 Reasons For Christians to Retire in […]

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Remember Romania!

25 February 2015

I do believe it’s time to stop and pray for Romania! Did you know that the biggest city in Romania is the capital, Bucharest? Did you know that there is a castle in Transylvania, Romania, commonly known as “Dracula’s Castle”? Did you know that the local currency is the Leu, which means Lion? Or that […]

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4 September 2014

Today we’re going to take a quick trip to Indonesia!  Did you know that Indonesia has two sections – one where the animals seem more Asian, and the other where animals seem more Australian?  That Indonesia is one of the few countries that still allows cigarette commercials?  Well, now you know.  Now let’s learn more… […]

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A quick visit to Mozambique

9 April 2014

Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the Republic of Mozambique.  Mozambique is in south western Africa, a coastal country where wonderful things like cotton, cashews, and coconuts grow! First, a couple of kids to pray for … Meet the Meninos ~ Julio and Gil Wait – missionaries have little kids too?  Seriously…. By […]

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How can I Pray for South Sudan?

23 December 2013

Here are some thoughts from one missionary: We are saddened at the news which has come out in the past week. We have tried calling many of our friends who are either in Juba or in Melut but we believe the mobile networks have been shut down during this time as we have not been […]

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A visit to South Africa

11 December 2013

I just updated our page with missionaries in South Africa – so it’s time to visit a few recent posts from these and other blogs! Like birds?  Here are some pictures of the very cool Spotted Dikkop Just a few pictures about Teamwork! The LERATO (love) has been mostly “Wordless Wednesday” pictures lately.  But they’re fun […]

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