New Missionary Blogs

Our Treasure, and First Term Life

18 October 2017

Just two posts today from two newer missionary blogs. First, lots of work for first term missionaries preparing to serve children at risk in Mexico. Check out We are not alone. Next, these two pictures from Togo are worth a thousand words. Take time to look, and to share Our Greatest Treasure.

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Newly added Missionary Blogs!

5 January 2016

Now that the blog lists are cleaned up, it’s time to add a few new blogs! Here are a few recent posts from blogs never before seen here! One of Those Weeks (Uganda)What do you get when your phone falls into the toilet, your computer stops connecting to the internet, your ATM card isn’t working, […]

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Why Didn’t I Learn This Before Becoming A Missionary?

2 September 2015

Some very interesting posts from more of the newest-missionary-blogs-on-the-block! Some posts that will be especially interesting for those contemplating or preparing for missionary service… First, from Moldova, making contacts and sharing the Gospel. And older, but interesting update: March 2015 Prayer Letter So what would you say to your younger self? Here’s a missionary’s take […]

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More posts from New Missionary Bloggers…

29 March 2012

I know, I’m still stuck on those newer bloggers.  Last week I put up some posts from Africa – this time we’re not going to be so specific… The Funny, Strange, Bizarre, … and the Blessed  Do you ever see anything… unusual in Peru?  I’m sure this post isn’t the half of it… From the […]

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From New Bloggers in Africa…

21 March 2012

I’ve added some more new bloggers to the brand new missionary bloggers page (which is still under construction – I have another 30 or 40 blogs I want to add).  Of course they’re new in the grand scheme of things – these are missionaries who started blogging in 2008 or later. Anyway, in the process, […]

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Visiting the new blogs from 2010!

30 December 2010

I thought it would be appropriate to end 2010 by visiting a few of the blogs that were started in the past year.  So here are some posts from the brand new blogs! Boyana River, Bulgaria Celebration Christian Center & Prayer:  How to pray for missionaries who are preparing to go to the field – […]

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New Missionary Blogs (September 2010 edition)

18 September 2010

To enrich your weekend – here are some brand new missionary blogs from the last few months!  They come to you from all over the world – why not stop by and leave a comment of encouragement? Jungle Abbotts – coming to you from Cameroon! Today’s Grace – actually home now, but just embarking to […]

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More New Missionary Blogs (March 2010 edition)

3 March 2010

The new blogs keep streaming in!  Here are a few of the best new blogs from the past few months.  I love reading the names of blogs – here we have everything from the very unassuming "The Chapple Family" to ALL CAPS IN "JUNGLE NEWS" (excuse me for shouting) and the attention-getting "Welcome to Africa […]

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New Missionary Blogs – October 2009 Edition

1 October 2009

I’ve been working to catch up on many weeks of emails, and yes, I have many new blogs for you!  And let me tell you, they’re from all over – Europe, Africa, North America, Asia, and Central America! Our newest blog is from a family preparing to go to Guatemala.  If you’re interested in community […]

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New Missionary Blogs – July 2009 edition

1 July 2009

There are lots of new blogs being added to the aggregator here at!  Here are a few of the best blogs that have started up in the last few months.  Check them out, and leave a comment of encouragement! In Honduras – the blog is called Following His Lead In Albania, a blog called […]

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