Short term missions

Short Term, In and Out, and Other

15 July 2009

Though they’re not included in the main blog lists and aggregator, I like to write once in a while about short termers, missionaries that travel frequently in and out of other cultures, and blogs that simply don’t fit in any other category.  That’s our theme today! Romania – Wednesday – The final night of the […]

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Short term travels

18 April 2008

As you may know, we don’t generally have short term missionaries (less than 2 years) in the aggregator on the main page.  But every once in a while I like to feature a few short term blogs here, and it’s been a while!  So for your interest, here are some short termers who are either […]

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Catch it early – preparing for the Philippines

15 February 2007

I know I just wrote about a short termer, but I just got an email from Courtney and thought some of you might like to keep an eye on her blog.  She’s “between” short term trips right now, but getting ready to go to the Philippines this summer. Preparing to go is, after all, a […]

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From Russia to England – short term

14 February 2007

Hi everyone! I happened to come upon another short termer to share with you.  This is an interesting one, because this man is on the same team as another short term blogger we featured back in October.  Do you remember THE REALM OF ALCAR?  Well, the team escaped from Siberia and somehow got into England […]

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Take a stand in Siberia

10 October 2006

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a short term missionary here.  Part of the challenge is that I usually see how good the blog is after the short term trip is half over.  But this one I’ve caught right at the beginning… James Witherow, originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, is now preparing for a tour […]

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Short term in Cameroon

2 November 2005

I don’t generally include short term missionaries on my blog list. This is nothing against short termers – in fact, I’m very pro-short term (as long as it’s done right).  It’s simply for the practical reason that my time is limited and I don’t want to have to cull through all the blogs every month […]

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