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3 October 2017

This week we’re going to be looking at some posts from recent disasters. Because I’m usually writing these posts in advance, you’re not always seeing the latest news. But, of course, you can always go to the home page of the blog to see if there is more recent news. Of course I’m also limited […]

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9 March 2017

Drought is something that has been with us a long time, coming and going over the centuries. We stand with believers though the years looking to God to bring relief, and looking to ourselves and our neighbours to wipe out injustice which may directly or indirectly bring hunger to our communities. Check out these two […]

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Less-mentioned Countries

5 July 2016

Every once in a while I like to share posts from countries which are not mentioned as often here (as seen in the country cloud on the sidebar). So – this is one of those days! Let’s start with Vanuatu, an ocean nation made up of 80 (!) islands. Read about the challenge of communication […]

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Christmas in . . .

23 December 2015

Here are some Christmas missionary blog posts for you to enjoy – not necessarily from this year, but you can check out the home pages of the blogs below to see what’s new! Celebrating Christmas in Angola Christmas In Uganda Christmas Party at the Shelter (Mexico) The Impact of Christmas (Bulgaria) CHRISTMAS in RURAL PARAGUAY […]

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2014 European Tour!

9 October 2014

It’s about time we took a trip around Europe!  Let’s see what God has been doing… Belgium, Our Mission Field (Belgium)  Ever been in Belgium? Even though you would not be able to locate it on the world map, you probably know it is a small land in the West… Heading off to church through […]

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A Missionary Christmas

24 December 2013

Well, it’s Christmas Eve.  So I think we’ll have to focus on Christmas related posts today. For this special edition, I won’t necessarily use posts from this year – just a few from this year and years past… ‘Tis the Season of Beautiful Sorrow – thoughts from Uganda about memories and realities of this time […]

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School – Africa, Europe, South America

6 September 2013

Many of you may be starting a school year – so here are a few school-related posts! Getting ready for school (Ecuador) “First Bell!” (Ukraine) A New School Year (Kenya) First Week of School Lessons (Spain) And now, if you’re stressed out by school already – how about a bit of peace?  Fun Friday (Kenya)

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This Week’s Challenge – Send a Care Package!

30 January 2013

I recently revisited our page on care packages.  Seriously, there’s some great stuff there. Have you sent a care package to a missionary lately?  Why not make this the week that you take the time to do it!  You can read some great suggestions on the page above.  But don’t get overwhelmed by the information either […]

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Scripture Passages from Missionaries

21 January 2013

Today I was looking at some of the scriptures that missionary bloggers shared with us back in 2006.  So today I thought I would browse and see some of the passages that missionaries are talking about today. For example, at The Ransom Note in the Philippines, Psalm 101:1-8 is a favourite. At the blog Always […]

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A Missionary Christmas

26 December 2012

I came across these posts that have something to do with Christmas.  Here’s what some of our friends are up to: Sing some carols, eat some frog… It’s beginning to look a lot like… (Thailand) Remember, in some parts of the world, it’s just about SUMMER!  Cooling Off in the Shade (Peru) Now this looks […]

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