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Remember the Children

19 December 2012

There are a whole lot of missionaries out there who work mostly with children.  Recently I reviewed some of their blogs, updating our Christian child missions page.  Here are a few of the recent posts I enjoyed: Lomasontfo is a beautiful 12 year old girl full of confidence. She is currently top of her class […]

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Missionaries in North America

22 October 2012

Once again I’ve updated a page – this time the missionaries in North America page.  So here are some recent posts from that part of the world… Broken heart syndrome and a (very early!) Victorian Christmas Tea Party (Canada) A sad story, with hopefully a happy ending – sheep without a shepherd? (Mexico) More sheep […]

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Eyes to Europe!

16 October 2012

Europe has been getting a lot of attention lately, partly thanks to the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the European Union. In other news, I was updated our Europe page here, and decided to feature some blogs from Europe for today’s post: A good reminder out of Albania:  God Has Called Us To Work Europe […]

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Missionary Vet (as in Veterinarian)

23 January 2012

Sometimes on this blog we feature the "vets" – as in veteran bloggers.  At the moment that would be bloggers who started blogging before October 2005. But today we’re talking about another missionary vet – that’s right, a veterinarian! The Christian Veterinary Mission says on their home page:  A Healthy Animal Makes the Difference Between […]

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26 March 2011

Stories about them, pictures of them, how they live, what they need – these posts all have at least something to do with children… Two new little lovebugs! (South Africa) Equipo San Andrés es lo mejor! (Guatemala) Even if My Father and Mother Abandon Me . . . (Philippines) Plan B: punt (Ukraine) Precious Children […]

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Blogging from Japan

14 March 2011

As promised, here are some posts from missionaries in Japan regarding the earthquake and tsunami there.  Note that in many cases there are multiple posts from the same blogs below, and I’ve grouped them together… By now most of you have probably heard about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan today…. Many of us […]

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26 Missionary Blogs (from A to Z)

21 February 2011

So I was just sitting here and wondering if I could make my very own A-Z list of missionary blogs. All right, so it’s just another fun way to discover new blogs!  I admit, I cheated a bit with X.  But the Rapp family has to get some kind of a prize for their creative […]

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The Super-Amazing-All-In-One South America Tour!

15 December 2010

So what’s going on in South America?  I decided to tour around to see what our bloggers down there are talking about this month.  Here’s what I found… How would you like to visit some ancient Incan ruins?  Check out Just to the South of Lima, Peru… Some pictures and thoughts out of Ecuador – […]

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At My House…

16 September 2010

A few recent posts about the places where missionaries live, and what they live with… How would you like to live and work in this place in Burkina Faso? In many places security is a big deal – here’s one way they deal with it in South Africa. And over in Uganda, a description of […]

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He Says/She Says

30 June 2010

It’s always fun to get the perspective of both a husband and a wife.  In this case, He Says/She Says is actually the name of her blog.  His is Posts from Somewhere.  Specifically, the place is Huánuco, Peru. I think the first post from herself sums it up well.  Here’s an excerpt: As a little […]

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