Veteran Missionary Bloggers

From our “Veteran” Bloggers

31 December 2014

It’s been almost a year since we focused on our veteran missionary bloggers! They’re not “old”, they’ve just been blogging for a long time. So today we take a look at what they’ve been posting lately… This post starts out by saying,“According to Operation World, in Thailand there are more people enslaved by the sex […]

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More from our Veteran Bloggers

15 January 2014

As I continue to update various pages here, I’ve been reading the blogs of some of our veteran missionary bloggers.  Currently this refers to missionaries that have been blogging for 8 years or more (can you believe it?). So here are some recent posts from some of those bloggers.  Of course in a short post […]

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News from the Veterans

5 December 2011

I’m working my way through the blog lists and cleaning them up.  Currently, I’m looking at the veteran bloggers – and I’ve come across some interesting posts. First, be sure to check out these bloggers who are leaving the field (though not leaving ministry).  There’s a lot of great stuff on their blogs, so head […]

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Voice of the Vets (January 2011)

12 January 2011

Every once in a while I like to feature our veteran bloggers.  It’s been a while – in fact, I don’t think I did it once in 2010! Hong Kong, China So here are some recent posts from the bloggers who have been blogging the longest.  I especially focused on those that I haven’t written […]

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5 years!

27 January 2010

Photo courtesy of light_arted It’s time to congratulate those who have completed 5 years of blogging!  5 years is still a good old age for a blog – in fact, these blogs are still older than this site (which started in 2005). I’ve done this in the past, but I’m not sure if I’ll do […]

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Missionary Bloggers Celebrating 5 Years!

30 July 2009

Photo courtesy of Leo Reynolds 5 years is still a grand old age for a blog, so today we’re going to celebrate a few of the blogs that are celebrating a half a decade in the first half of 2009.  Here they are – stop by and congratulate them! ¡Pura Vida!  …teaching, learning, living in […]

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So, I’m in Mexico City

2 May 2009

Between an earthquake and a flu bug, there’s been no shortage of news on Mexico lately.  I’m in Mexico City right now.  If you’re interested, I’ve been blogging pretty regularly about life in my corner of the city (Ixtapaluca) these days.  Check it out if you’re interested (most recent first): Our Church, The Flu, and […]

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Celebrating 5 years of blogging

25 March 2008

It’s no small feat to keep a blog running for 5 years.  But this year we have several more bloggers that are celebrating a half-decade.  Feel free to drop by and offer them your congrats! Quirey Life (Brazil) has more life than ever – they’ve been celebrating the birth of Jackson Turner Quirey. The Poulette […]

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Half a Decade of Blogging

5 November 2007

There are a few blogs represented here that have a special anniversary this year – they have completed a full 5 years of blogging!  Congratulations to you all.  To honour the event, I’m highlighting some of their latest posts.  Be sure to drop by and offer your congrats! Finding God in China – wondering if […]

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