Encouraging Posts from Africa, Europe, and South America

by Jim on 13 September 2016

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Beach in Malawi

On a beach in Malawi

One little brick building. Could it have a hand in reaching 10,000 people with the gospel? Or more? Work on Bible School continues… (Malawi).

It’s always nice to get a bit of encouraging feedback, isn’t it? Here’s a little bit of confirmation – Connect 2016!! (Belgium).

This is just a really neat post from Chile, about potential team members visiting the field with an eye to moving there. If you ever wonder if that could be you – or even if you think it never could be – don’t miss Welcoming the Fishers, Part One.

So you’re feeling like complaining today? A little grumpy? Maybe this story will help. Take a cyber-visit to Uganda, and hear the story of Vincent.

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