Flooding in Central Mexico

by Jim on 11 February 2010

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I don’t post a lot of personal things here, but I’m going to break the trend today.  The reason is, I’m up close and personal to the flood disaster zone here in Central Mexico.  So I thought many of you would be interested to see more.

In case you haven’t heard the news, here’s a summary.  Early Friday morning, a riverbank burst open sending sewage water suddenly on to one of Mexico’s major highways.  It caused accidents, explosions and a few deaths as it rushed suddenly over the highway and into the city, instantly filling hundreds of businesses and homes.  The last I heard 12-18 thousand people were affected.

However, since then the flood waters have continued into more neighbourhoods.  Last night I toured the area, and sewage water was still flooding in.

Many people lost everything.  However, along with the believers in the area we hope to provide some small help in Jesus’ name.  The flooding is only a few minutes away from our home.

If you’d like to help, you can contact us via the link in the video.  It seems this massive flooding has received very little news coverage, and help is slow in coming.  Many people still have no homes, no clean water, nowhere to go.  This is a great opportunity to get help to where it’s needed.

We’re hoping to start serving breakfast to as many people as we can over the next couple of weeks, and supply a few necessities to those who have nothing left.  We’ve been able to build some relationships with people in the area, which is a big help.

Thanks for taking the time to consider helping out!

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