From Russia to England – short term

by Jim on 14 February 2007

in Short term missions

Hi everyone!

I happened to come upon another short termer to share with you.  This is an interesting one, because this man is on the same team as another short term blogger we featured back in October.  Do you remember THE REALM OF ALCAR?  Well, the team escaped from Siberia and somehow got into England (ok, I’m being over-dramatic, don’t get too excited).  The next blog I want to point you to is Life in Combine Mode.

No posts on life in England yet, but you can read both these blogs for some interesting perspectives on short term ministry in Russia – and we look forward to hearing about life in the UK too!  These two blogs should make a great combine-ation (Sorry.  Actually, I love the title).

Don’t forget to visit some long term missionaries in Russia and the United Kingdom as well…

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