Invisible Illness (Missionary Blog Carnival)

by Jim on 8 September 2008

in Missionary Blog Carnival

Thanks to those who took the time to be a part of this, the very first, Missionary Blog Carnival!  I’m going to feature those who took the time to send in their posts, and I’ve also added a few others from the past that I thought you might find interesting.

This time the theme was Invisible Illness – things like multiple sclerosis, lupus, cancer, heart disease, migraine, chronic pain, etc.

I do want to mention one thing.  I was a little surprised about how few missionaries wrote on this topic.  I know a lot of missionaries, and I know that many many deal with invisible illness – in their family, or close friends, or in their ministry!  It just seems that this is something that is a huge part of many people’s lives, and yet it gets surprisingly little air-time.  Why?

To learn more about invisible illness, be sure to check out the materials at Invisible Illness Week.  There’s a conference this week, a blog here, and great materials for you, your family, and your church family all year round at Rest Ministries.

We’re going to have another Missionary Blog Carnival!  This one will coincide with Blog Action Day 2008, and will focus on the topic of Poverty.  If you’re a missionary and want to be involved, you can enter right now right here.  (Remember, this could be a new post, or one from your archives).  The deadline for entry is the 11th of October 2008.

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1 Missy March 11, 2009 at 12:03 pm

Likely many didn’t comment because invisible illnesses are usually really personal and something that if shared is usually done one-on-one in a personal conversation rather than in a public venue like a blog. I imagine this is especially so when it deals with family. Such is my particular case. My mom is bipolar and it’s really difficult, but it’s not something that I’d ever blog about out of respect for her.

2 Jim March 11, 2009 at 12:03 pm

Yes, I certainly understand that situation. When it is about another person in the family, you certainly have to be careful about what you say.

But often it the blogger that’s dealing with it. Maybe they don’t want to sound like they’re complaining – or maybe they think no one will understand. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons, some good, some bad.

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