Jesus building His Church…

by Jim on 24 November 2005

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Glimpses of how Jesus is building his Church today.  First, this story all the way from Mexico of José, his faith, and the impact it had.  (Actually, I just wrote about some new believers in Mexico in my personal blog too).

Second, from Africa we read about some Fulani baptisms (photos included).

In other news, more great photos of France from the Daveys (start here and work backwards) (some day they’ll allow comments so that we can tell them how much we enjoy them!).  Finally, this fascinating set of stats about struggles with giving to missions in the USA.  (Let’s see…do we wait 20 years and try to solve all these problems, give up on missions, or…?  The kingdom moves forward as always, and as always we are called to sacrifice.  But will we?)

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