Missions, and the Unexpected

by Jim on 30 May 2017

in Interesting Posts

I thought this post from Ghana was interesting, and inspiring. It’s great to see what God is doing, but it also makes you ask – what major areas of need are we overlooking in our own countries? The post is Anomaly.

Cyril and Methodius
Photo courtesy Jiří Sedláček – Frettie

Let’s celebrate The Day of the Cyrillic Alphabet (Bulgaria)! Honestly, I just love Cyril and Methodius.

Wait! Or – don’t? A fun post from Haiti about our obsession with short cuts. PreCheck & Rollout of Special Snowflake Program

We minister to many different groups as believers – and sometimes we need to be Ministering to Those Who Serve (Mexico).

It may not be what you expect, but I’ve been there. From ChileFurlough Dreams {Not What You Might Think}

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