More Missionary Blog Updates!

by Jim on 17 November 2015

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You’ll be glad to hear that all of the missionary blog lists have been updated! So you can have fun browsing blogs again – many of which haven’t been listed before.

First check the main Missionary bloggers page to see 20 sample blogs, from the old to the new. That page also has links to all four blog lists.

The two lists that were updated today are:

Up-and-coming missionary bloggers
The Brand New Missionary Bloggers

“Brand New” actually just means that they’re in the newest quarter of blogs on the list, meaning that they actually go from 2009 to 2015 (the year they went online – of course they’re still being updated). But that’s a lot older than the ancient blogs that were started in 2002 or 2003.

I’m also trying something a little different with the main feed of missionary blogs. The posts will not necessarily be in chronological order, but they should be all current – check it out here:

Or, as always, check out the feed on the main missionary blogs page. It’s actually still a work in progress, so hang in there while I try to fix it up completely.

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