New Year Reflections from Cameroon and Tanzania

by Jim on 9 January 2017

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We’re going to start off 2017 with some new year’s reflections from Tanzania and Cameroon.

First, two from the same blog in Cameroon. To read the post, just click the link.
Woman in Cameroon

  • Have a Sober New Year: 2017 is off to an extremely sober start here in Cameroon. Our friend and brother in Christ, Nestor, the only elder-qualified Baka man in our area, lost his wife this morning. She, still a very young woman, has battled sickness off and on, but I do not think anyone was expecting her death. We went to her funeral this evening and listened to the wailing cries of her lost family members…
  • The Best Kind of Self-Care is Care for Others: The joy that comes in serving others is grossly underrated…

And finally, from Tanzania…

By the way, congrats to the author of the last post, who is about to complete 10 years of blogging this month!

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