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by Jim on 28 December 2016

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Chameleon watching you.As many of us “finish the year”, what better time to drop a line to a missionary, to give some encouragement? Or maybe just leave a comment on their blog?

Let’s start in Honduras, with a few updates about a future missions trip, a strange hot pepper story, and more – Highlights.

I don’t usually link to posts like this one, but it’s a good reminder that missionaries have the same challenges that many of you do – Adjusting to Life as a DOD (Dad Of a Diabetic) (Australia).

Just for fun – let’s do the limbo (in the jungle)! Limbo Laughs.

This is quite a description of doing ministry out the countryside of Guatemala – don’t miss An Empty Building and a Long Walk that Ended With an Open Door.

Finally, here are some missionaries actually asking for your input into their blog, and for questions that you have for them! If you’re interested in Haiti, leave a comment at Time Off…

Thanks for joining Missionary Blog Watch in 2016! Let’s see what God does in 2017. And – keep blogging!

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