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by Jim on 22 October 2010

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Well, the prizes are mostly on the way to the winners (some are still being packaged up, and I’m still waiting for an address or two).  But I just wanted to end with some thoughts about the whole thing.

A path in Uganda

I already commented on how many countries were represented – that’s great!  Those who entered represented 8 countries, and the missionaries they talked about also represented 8 countries.

But let’s talk a little about some of the posts – this is especially for missionaries, who wonder what people like to hear about! 🙂

Out of the valid entries, the most popular blog was The Jungle Hut.  People especially liked the posts about living in the jungle in Venezuela, though the Vernoys are now in Paraguay.

The most popular post was actually The Kitchen.  Interesting choice, since it wasn’t a post about ministry specifically.  But people liked how it showed courage in the face of change – starting over and turning a negative into a positive.  More than one person enjoyed hearing about the resourcefulness and ingenuity that went into the work!

Let’s face it – it was also a recent post at the time of the contest!

For older posts, people also mentioned Thw Witch Doctor’s Chant [sic], an old post from the oldest daughter of the family, Jackie (who hopefully is still writing!).

Another popular blog was Copeland Ramblings, and their post From above!  Also a current one, but still excellent (I might have to copy that one!).

Probably the second most popular blog was paradoxuganda.  Always well written, one person commented,"I could (but won’t) go on for hours about the ways that God has used their blog in my life, to enlighten, challenge, and encourage me and my family."

Their most popular post was Adventure -vs- Quest, a post most missionaries can relate to.

Also, many people were impacted by various posts about Dr. Jonah Kule, who died during an Ebola epidemic.  From the day of his burial is Bundibugyo, Where the tears never run dry, and a year later Remembering Dr. Jonah Kule 1966-2007

More popular posts included Things Are Not As They Seem… from Comings Communiqué in Brazil, and Five Years Ago Today from The Jungle Hut (another post from the kids!).

Yes, blogs can be used in ways you never expect.  They can disciple, they can give people a glimpse into another culture, they can help you connect with people – and every once in a while they might even win you something. 😉

Check out the comments in the original post for more interesting posts and blogs!

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