Remember the Children

by Jim on 19 December 2012

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There are a whole lot of missionaries out there who work mostly with children.  Recently I reviewed some of their blogs, updating our Christian child missions page.  Here are a few of the recent posts I enjoyed:

Haitian boy - looking at you!
  • Lomasontfo is a beautiful 12 year old girl full of confidence. She is currently top of her class and reflects gratefulness for all she has. If you were to look at Lomasontfo today you would never have realized that she almost died 3 years back… from Ben Rodgers in Swaziland
  • Random news and a video out of HaitiThis cement city (Port au Prince) of nearly 3 million people is not exactly the vortex of Christmas-y sounds or sights – but a place where the message of God’s son, sent for us, is known and important just the same. Livesay [Haiti] Weblog
  • On December 3rd the FaithWorks team from Ontario arrived for a 12 day trip. The team is adjusting to life in Mexico well. They have gotten their hands dirty with a lot of different jobs around the orphanage. The three guys on the team have been making windows for the boys’ dorm. There are over 55 windows to make so it is a big job… Children of Hope in Mexico.
  • The world is an odd place, full of blessing everywhere for those that seek them, and full of curses for those that don’t. This update will be a bunch of little to do’s about much. Any one of which could fill a page… A stream-of-consciousness from Honduras Missions (in Honduras, of course), which is probably a good reflection of missionary life!
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