Short term in Cameroon

by Jim on 2 November 2005

in Short term missions

I don’t generally include short term missionaries on my blog list. This is nothing against short termers – in fact, I’m very pro-short term (as long as it’s done right).  It’s simply for the practical reason that my time is limited and I don’t want to have to cull through all the blogs every month to see who’s still working in another culture and who isn’t.

But when someone pointed out Sharon’s blog to me, I realized that this is the place where I can mention those short term missionaries.  I won’t attempt to give mention to every individual or team that’s on the field for a week or two, but if I see a blog that’s well done I just might talk about it here.

So, back to Sharon’s blog.  It’s called Lasselanta.  Sharon has been blogging since June, and she’s in Cameroon.  Recently, she’s written on diverse topics such as creechie bugs, storytelling, and taxi bumpers.  Check it out!

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