Ordinary People Helping Ordinary People

19 April 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed these real, down to earth posts from missionaries all over the world. For example… Remembering Why We Dig (Kenya) The past couple of days I have been loading soil into a wheelbarrow and hauling it over to my raised beds. Not particularly difficult work, but tedious labor… School Anniversary! (Bolivia) In Bolivia, […]

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When Health Fails, Short Term Teams, and More

22 March 2016

This week’s picks – March Madness… (Mozambique) and also some time in Tanzania. Visiting Team from Denmark – how can they serve in Bolivia? Check it out. Fleeting, Time is Heart’s Beating (Mexico) A thought from a missionary who recently suffered a heart attack. Not vacation, catalyzation. (Mexico) A short term team, and thoughts on […]

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Thinking about Careers, Cultures, and much more… (more veteran bloggers)

18 March 2015

Last week we took a look at some veteran missionary bloggers, as I go through the list to eventually update the lists on this site. Today we’re going to continue with posts from more veteran bloggers from all over the world. BAM changes hearts, even mine (Bolivia) – So which careers are the most “spiritual”? […]

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Weddings, Protests, Business, and Fast Relationships

11 February 2015

Some very interesting posts have popped up lately! Here are some of the latest, including some insights into weddings in Pakistan and Senegal… A View Behind the Scenes (Senegal) – in the kitchen on the roof! Pakistani Weddings: A Survival Guide (Pakistan) – hint: don’t arrive “on time”. Is business really mission? Yes! (Bolivia) – […]

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Uganda, Mexico, Bolivia, Papua New Guinea, and South Sudan

24 September 2014

I really enjoyed these recent posts from around the world, and I hope you will too.  Struggles, wondering if work is continuing without you, wondering if it’s worth it … and some stories of visiting interesting places … and trying to get back home! Island Ministry (Uganda):  I had the opportunity to minister with a […]

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A Visit to Bolivia

15 May 2013

You guessed it – I just updated out Bolivia Missionary page – and I’ve been reading some posts from Bolivia!  So here are some you might want to check out… First of all, this is a post with lots in it, but you won’t want to miss the story of one girl in particular.  I’ll give […]

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19 March 2013

I have lots of new blog posts for you today! One thing that I like to do when I’m posting is share posts that give a little insight into what is happening in another part of the world – what is happening in other peoples’ lives.  Of course, all we really get is a glimpse.  But it’s […]

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Giving Thanks in All Circumstances

24 November 2012

These are very random posts, but they’re good ones!  From fun to frustrating, here’s the latest: Thankful that He Calls (Mexico)  It’s exciting to see how God is leading a new generation of missionaries from Mexico! Kipkaren Vacation Bible School (Kenya)  Can you figure out the verse (without looking below the picture)? Don’t Cook the […]

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Get Creative – and Give!

27 July 2012

I love these two posts about creative donations to ministry.  First, a group of kids raises money for a missionary in Mexico – and they get to see their teachers get pies in their faces!  See the video below. Next, leftover conference materials and money raised at a VBS are shared with missionaries in Bolivia, […]

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Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming…

30 May 2011

Well, that’s enough of giving things away for a while – it’s time to get back to what we’re all about: Missionary Blogs! But did you know that missionary bloggers are always giving things away?  They’re taking the time to share their lives with you, and share with you about what God is doing! So […]

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