New Year Reflections from Cameroon and Tanzania

9 January 2017

We’re going to start off 2017 with some new year’s reflections from Tanzania and Cameroon. First, two from the same blog in Cameroon. To read the post, just click the link. Have a Sober New Year: 2017 is off to an extremely sober start here in Cameroon. Our friend and brother in Christ, Nestor, the […]

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Have You Read “Mr Offering” Lately? (and other interesting blog posts)

25 March 2015

This is part three of our focus on veteran missionary bloggers! From Bible translation to customer service to cultural and missions controversies – lots to think about today from all over the world! Some of the amazing things happening in Mexico in this update from January/February 2015 And from Indonesia, From the Logbook…Banjarmasin Patient Flight […]

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More from our Veteran Bloggers

15 January 2014

As I continue to update various pages here, I’ve been reading the blogs of some of our veteran missionary bloggers.  Currently this refers to missionaries that have been blogging for 8 years or more (can you believe it?). So here are some recent posts from some of those bloggers.  Of course in a short post […]

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26 Missionary Blogs (from A to Z)

21 February 2011

So I was just sitting here and wondering if I could make my very own A-Z list of missionary blogs. All right, so it’s just another fun way to discover new blogs!  I admit, I cheated a bit with X.  But the Rapp family has to get some kind of a prize for their creative […]

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Visiting the new blogs from 2010!

30 December 2010

I thought it would be appropriate to end 2010 by visiting a few of the blogs that were started in the past year.  So here are some posts from the brand new blogs! Boyana River, Bulgaria Celebration Christian Center & Prayer:  How to pray for missionaries who are preparing to go to the field – […]

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New Missionary Blogs (September 2010 edition)

18 September 2010

To enrich your weekend – here are some brand new missionary blogs from the last few months!  They come to you from all over the world – why not stop by and leave a comment of encouragement? Jungle Abbotts – coming to you from Cameroon! Today’s Grace – actually home now, but just embarking to […]

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5 years!

27 January 2010

Photo courtesy of light_arted It’s time to congratulate those who have completed 5 years of blogging!  5 years is still a good old age for a blog – in fact, these blogs are still older than this site (which started in 2005). I’ve done this in the past, but I’m not sure if I’ll do […]

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New Missionary Blogs – October 2009 Edition

1 October 2009

I’ve been working to catch up on many weeks of emails, and yes, I have many new blogs for you!  And let me tell you, they’re from all over – Europe, Africa, North America, Asia, and Central America! Our newest blog is from a family preparing to go to Guatemala.  If you’re interested in community […]

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24 July 2008

Reading through blog posts from the last few weeks, I get the impression that it’s a great time for camps – so why not take a trip around these posts and see for yourself? First stop, Mongolia.  Quick review and pictures of a youth camp – Running To Win Next stop, Taiwan.  Check out a […]

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Culture and (wet) countryside

10 May 2007

Photo courtesy of jubilatewest It’s time for some tidbits of culture and views of the countryside around the world.  Today’s winner is Kenya!  First, some talk about waxing patterns onto fabric.  Next, the art of the bucket shower.  And finally, a couple of interesting posts about NOISY CHURCHES.  First, from Kenya (of course) and also […]

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