Blogging for over 10 Years!

11 March 2015

I’m going to be updating the blog lists on this site, so I’m starting with the veteran bloggers again. Here are some of the most recent posts from the bloggers who have been around the longest – in this case, over ten years! It’s great to visit some old friends! Something Worth Living For (Mexico) […]

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News from the Veterans

5 December 2011

I’m working my way through the blog lists and cleaning them up.  Currently, I’m looking at the veteran bloggers – and I’ve come across some interesting posts. First, be sure to check out these bloggers who are leaving the field (though not leaving ministry).  There’s a lot of great stuff on their blogs, so head […]

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Voice of the Vets (January 2011)

12 January 2011

Every once in a while I like to feature our veteran bloggers.  It’s been a while – in fact, I don’t think I did it once in 2010! Hong Kong, China So here are some recent posts from the bloggers who have been blogging the longest.  I especially focused on those that I haven’t written […]

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The Super-Amazing-All-In-One South America Tour!

15 December 2010

So what’s going on in South America?  I decided to tour around to see what our bloggers down there are talking about this month.  Here’s what I found… How would you like to visit some ancient Incan ruins?  Check out Just to the South of Lima, Peru… Some pictures and thoughts out of Ecuador – […]

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These Titles Caught My Attention. That’s All.

12 May 2010

In the past I’ve posted about posts based on cool pictures – ones that caught my attention. This time I ignored content altogether – at least to start with – and just looked for titles that caught my attention. You know, other than "Our May Newsletter".  Or "Even more photos of our trip".  Or my […]

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Change, News, and Chinglish…

5 May 2010

The incredible posts never stop . . . I wish I had time to highlight them all!  First, here are some comments regarding current news events that you might be interested in – the strike in Nepal, for example.  And from Taiwan, some comments about "Chinglish" and China’s World Expo. On the culture, a common […]

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Beauty and Hope – this week’s Missionary Blog Posts

3 February 2010

Some more random posts from around the world – enjoy! Let’s get practical – How Can You Pray for Missionaries?  Some great ideas here. Getting ready for hot season… just how do you do that in Niger? What’s it like going to a women’s conference in Sudan?  Read all about it and see some pictures […]

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5 years!

27 January 2010

Photo courtesy of light_arted It’s time to congratulate those who have completed 5 years of blogging!  5 years is still a good old age for a blog – in fact, these blogs are still older than this site (which started in 2005). I’ve done this in the past, but I’m not sure if I’ll do […]

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Countries Less Mentioned – Part 1

23 May 2009

Now that we have the nice tag cloud down on the left of the screen, we can see which countries get mentioned more often here.  This mostly has to do with who blogs more often, and which countries have more bloggers, and so on. But today we’re going to use that tag cloud to focus […]

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Incredible – dozens more Missionary Blogs!

29 October 2008

Check out four pages of completely revised and updated blog lists!  There are dozens – that’s right, dozens of new missionary blogs listed.  And that’s still only some of the hundreds of blogs that are all mixed together on the main page! Please stop by and check these out – and also let me know […]

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