Costa Rica

“Revived” Missionary Blogs

16 September 2015

Today we’re going to take a look at a few missionary blogs that were at one point removed from our list – but they’re back! Maybe! Why would a blog be removed? Maybe the owner left cross-cultural ministry, or changed the nature of their blog… but most likely they just stopped blogging for a while. […]

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War Widows, Confessions, Learning, and Serving…

20 May 2015

We’re into blogs today that are over 7 years old, as we work our way from the more experienced bloggers to the newbies. Reaching out to War Widows in Iraq Observations about the USA, in between living in Costa Rica… And now a Mission Moment from Kenya – a testimony from Anastasia. And in Niger […]

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A Missionary Christmas

24 December 2013

Well, it’s Christmas Eve.  So I think we’ll have to focus on Christmas related posts today. For this special edition, I won’t necessarily use posts from this year – just a few from this year and years past… ‘Tis the Season of Beautiful Sorrow – thoughts from Uganda about memories and realities of this time […]

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Greeting – Travelling – Cleaning – Praying

20 June 2013

More of the challenges, sorrows, and joys of being a missionary around the world! HaitiPhoto courtesy of Ken Bosma Failed Greetings (Papua New Guinea) – Bible translation.  Who knew that a greeting could be so complicated? Grace (Costa Rica) – A huge challenge for many missionaries – just read it. Jeremie Adventure (Haiti) – beautiful! […]

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Pride, Fear, and Bugs that Eat You

23 April 2013

Some more interesting posts from all over the world! Struggles, and comfort from the Word of God in Costa Rica – The Lord will Fight for You Counselling, teaching, and searching for humility in Thailand – Reputations are killers… Snow, ice, and – enchiladas?  A Women’s Retreat in Russia. Warning – I know everyone loves […]

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Are we making an impact? Or are we being impacted?

5 March 2013

I hope the answer for any missionary is yes!  Here are some posts from a few of the newest blogs to be added here at… 2nd House of Hope Finished! (Haiti)  It’s the simple things – like having a place to live that functions! Everyone used to call him Moncho. (Costa Rica)  Reflections on […]

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Missionary Life: The Simple Life (NOT)

10 January 2013

If you’re a missionary, you spend your time doing discipleship.  Life itself is simple – few complications, simply spending time with people and . . . Wha?!  Sorry, I must have dozed off there.  I had this weird dream about the simple life! Oh, I’m sure missionaries wish their lives were like that – maybe there […]

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Missionaries and SNAKES!

16 March 2012

All right, enough about Bible studies and paperwork and traffic – we want to hear about missionaries and SNAKES! All right, here we go.  So, have you ever been hanging out in Liberia, and you’re in the WC, and you reach for some toilet paper, and …. ! If so, you’ll relate to this snake […]

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26 January 2012

Going through our list of up-and-coming missionary bloggers, I’ve found a few posts to share.  The first three are interesting because of the emphasis on networking throughout the body of Christ.  And the last one is a great blog about a wedding in Tanzania. Gastro-Geographical Linguistic Tour of Latin America:  Think you know Spanish?  Enough […]

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Aspects of Ministry from Around the World (and a couple of posts from Japan)

12 March 2011

Just a few recent interesting posts from around the world.  At the bottom I’ve included a couple of initial posts on the situation in Japan – I’ll try to have more for you next week as the news gets out.  For now, all the missionaries that have posted have said that they and their families […]

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