Go and Die.

11 November 2014

I want to especially point you to a post from Cambodia today.  You’ll chuckle and shake your head.  But there’s so much in the post to think about. The author didn’t say anything about the title, but maybe the title sums up when we must all do as believers.  We go into all the world […]

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God, when will you speak in my tongue?

5 November 2014

Children and grown-ups of other lands, With their different tongues, Know your voice. In their tongues you speak a special message to them! If you speak messages in different tongues, God, when will you speak in my tongue? Read the rest of this poem from a believer in South Sudan, as well as some thoughts […]

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Bulgaria, Ecuador, Uganda, Tanzania, and Elsewhere…

1 October 2014

Team Bulgaria’s Strategic Process (Bulgaria) New plans. Working by Accident as a Bumbling Detective Evangelist (Europe) Unexpected tea time. Kafunga I Am Not (Uganda) Unexpected phone call. Rivendell: The Last Homely House (Uganda) People-gathering. We are settled and get to see this (Ecuador) September 2014 (Ecuador) Some people we know. Compassion (com·pati) (Tanzania) Taking care […]

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More from our Veteran Bloggers

15 January 2014

As I continue to update various pages here, I’ve been reading the blogs of some of our veteran missionary bloggers.  Currently this refers to missionaries that have been blogging for 8 years or more (can you believe it?). So here are some recent posts from some of those bloggers.  Of course in a short post […]

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School – Africa, Europe, South America

6 September 2013

Many of you may be starting a school year – so here are a few school-related posts! Getting ready for school (Ecuador) “First Bell!” (Ukraine) A New School Year (Kenya) First Week of School Lessons (Spain) And now, if you’re stressed out by school already – how about a bit of peace?  Fun Friday (Kenya)

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A few recent missionary posts (even if you’re not a fiend)…

1 July 2013

I just went out to look at some of the recent posts from around the world.  Here are a few that caught my eye… Convoys, Bella, Community, Gratitude… (Angola) – a longer-than-expected-drive… Dear Praying Fiends [sic] (Australia)  (I didn’t notice the typo when I decided to post this one, but you have to admit it’s […]

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More New Blogs!

7 June 2013

There are even more new blogs here now – and here are a few recent posts for you to enjoy… A Double Espresso for My Heart:  You mean long term missionaries still struggle with heart issues?  (Philippines) 14 New Believers:  Were you looking for better news?  (Papua New Guinea) Another Day in Bangkok:  Another “good” […]

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Pride, Fear, and Bugs that Eat You

23 April 2013

Some more interesting posts from all over the world! Struggles, and comfort from the Word of God in Costa Rica – The Lord will Fight for You Counselling, teaching, and searching for humility in Thailand – Reputations are killers… Snow, ice, and – enchiladas?  A Women’s Retreat in Russia. Warning – I know everyone loves […]

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Are we making an impact? Or are we being impacted?

5 March 2013

I hope the answer for any missionary is yes!  Here are some posts from a few of the newest blogs to be added here at… 2nd House of Hope Finished! (Haiti)  It’s the simple things – like having a place to live that functions! Everyone used to call him Moncho. (Costa Rica)  Reflections on […]

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South America, Here We Come!

11 December 2012

South America, Here We Come! So I update the Missionaries in South America page!  So today I’m going to feature some recent videos from missionaries in this part of the world… Sometimes I just like reading the snippets of prayer requests and praises that missionaries have on their blogs.  For example, this from Argentina. There […]

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