23 January 2018

I think you’ll really enjoy today’s posts. First, from Tanzania, Learning From Those Who Pray All Night (hey, that’s not just an Africa thing. I’ll bet many of you from other parts of the world have been involved in all night prayer meetings!). Now for some fun – it’s been a while since we’ve had […]

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Less-mentioned Countries

5 July 2016

Every once in a while I like to share posts from countries which are not mentioned as often here (as seen in the country cloud on the sidebar). So – this is one of those days! Let’s start with Vanuatu, an ocean nation made up of 80 (!) islands. Read about the challenge of communication […]

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Thinking about Careers, Cultures, and much more… (more veteran bloggers)

18 March 2015

Last week we took a look at some veteran missionary bloggers, as I go through the list to eventually update the lists on this site. Today we’re going to continue with posts from more veteran bloggers from all over the world. BAM changes hearts, even mine (Bolivia) – So which careers are the most “spiritual”? […]

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2014 European Tour!

9 October 2014

It’s about time we took a trip around Europe!  Let’s see what God has been doing… Belgium, Our Mission Field (Belgium)  Ever been in Belgium? Even though you would not be able to locate it on the world map, you probably know it is a small land in the West… Heading off to church through […]

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Less-mentioned countries (E-I)

2 January 2014

It’s time for the second in our series of countries that we don’t mention here as often.  Last time we featured countries like Angola, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.  Let’s continue… Let’s start in East Timor.  Here are some interesting photos in a post entitled Mary, John the Baptist and Chris From El Salvador, some […]

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Greeting – Travelling – Cleaning – Praying

20 June 2013

More of the challenges, sorrows, and joys of being a missionary around the world! HaitiPhoto courtesy of Ken Bosma Failed Greetings (Papua New Guinea) – Bible translation.  Who knew that a greeting could be so complicated? Grace (Costa Rica) – A huge challenge for many missionaries – just read it. Jeremie Adventure (Haiti) – beautiful! […]

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A Few From Less-Mentioned Countries…

9 September 2011

We have a nice little word-cloud on the sidebar here that shows which countries are mentioned the most.  This has a lot to do with how many bloggers there are in a country, how well they blog, how often they blog – things like that. Once in a while I like to feature blogs from […]

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5 years!

27 January 2010

Photo courtesy of light_arted It’s time to congratulate those who have completed 5 years of blogging!  5 years is still a good old age for a blog – in fact, these blogs are still older than this site (which started in 2005). I’ve done this in the past, but I’m not sure if I’ll do […]

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Time to learn something…

14 May 2009

This is kind of an eclectic "learn something" post.  Learn about some of the struggles missionaries face, learn about the people they interact with, and the cultures they’re in – and if you’re interested in Chile, you can even ask some questions! From Peru – a glimpse into the joys of red tape that missionaries […]

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Blogs you've never read

19 July 2008

Have you ever read these blogs?  I bet you haven’t!  How about Jed and Jaime: A Series of Sundry Events…?  This blog has been around since 2006, and will introduce you to the country of Peru. Also going since 2006, you can read about the Life of a Pastor in Guatemala.  And how about another […]

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