From Need and Dishonour to Confidence in God

8 February 2018

You could argue that missions is all about need, and trying to meet that need. So today’s blog posts are about both of those. First, a very simple and basic need – food – Malawi’s looming food crisis. Next, the need for honour – something God offers in abundance. But do we look for it […]

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Greeting – Travelling – Cleaning – Praying

20 June 2013

More of the challenges, sorrows, and joys of being a missionary around the world! HaitiPhoto courtesy of Ken Bosma Failed Greetings (Papua New Guinea) – Bible translation.  Who knew that a greeting could be so complicated? Grace (Costa Rica) – A huge challenge for many missionaries – just read it. Jeremie Adventure (Haiti) – beautiful! […]

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5 years!

27 January 2010

Photo courtesy of light_arted It’s time to congratulate those who have completed 5 years of blogging!  5 years is still a good old age for a blog – in fact, these blogs are still older than this site (which started in 2005). I’ve done this in the past, but I’m not sure if I’ll do […]

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Have time to pray?

29 May 2009

Do you like to browse missionary blogs just so that you can take time to pray?  Let me save you some time – here are some missionaries who are asking for prayer for various things.  Let’s take a quick tour and pray for these things – maybe there’s even a way you can be a […]

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