From Need and Dishonour to Confidence in God

8 February 2018

You could argue that missions is all about need, and trying to meet that need. So today’s blog posts are about both of those. First, a very simple and basic need – food – Malawi’s looming food crisis. Next, the need for honour – something God offers in abundance. But do we look for it […]

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The Basics, and Learning to Trust

11 July 2017

It’s the basics that are important. Sharing the gospel, baptizing, teaching people to obey Christ. So it’s good to see it happening, for example, in Australia: Dear Praying Friends… And there are many special ways to serve – for example, this is a little late, but Happy Mother’s Day! (Uganda) And while we’re in Africa, […]

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Honesty, Challenges, and Coffee

13 February 2017

Let’s start off today’s look at missionary blogs with a question for many missionaries – What went wrong? (Russia) – is this why you haven’t posted lately? Getting stuck in the mud and being two hours late for the service – and it’s worth it – Hope Baptist Church, Milepa (Malawi). The challenge of the […]

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Encouraging Posts from Africa, Europe, and South America

13 September 2016

One little brick building. Could it have a hand in reaching 10,000 people with the gospel? Or more? Work on Bible School continues… (Malawi). It’s always nice to get a bit of encouraging feedback, isn’t it? Here’s a little bit of confirmation – Connect 2016!! (Belgium). This is just a really neat post from Chile, […]

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TV Show, English Classes, and the Girl Who Was Deaf

3 May 2016

Here are some posts from some blogs that are new to me – and probably to you too! First, would you like to learn about missionaries who are translating a comic book and starting a TV show in Tanzania? Well, start with this post – Christmas! They’re a great way to serve the community in […]

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Recent and Random: Taxi Drivers, Students, and La Lucha

11 December 2010

Here are just a few recent interesting posts from around the world… Christ School Stories (Uganda):  The stories of a couple of students. Am I a Cool Christian? (Philippines):  On being a cool blogger, a cool church, and a cool Christian. nou la (Haiti):  "We’re here. We’re watching the place we love fall into further […]

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Totally Random Missionary Blog Awards (2009)

24 December 2009

Now before we start, I have to admit I’m still adding blogs from 2009, so there are lots more that could be mentioned.  But here are some fun facts about the blogs I’ve got in the system so far that have started in 2009: Most unusual blog name of 2009 And the award goes to […]

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Tragedy in Malawi

24 March 2009

The accident actually happened on the 2nd of December, 2008.  But even though it’s a little late, this is certainly something worth blogging about. Ryan and Katie and their girls served in Malawi, Africa.  Here is Katie’s description of the accident from the blog post "Our Beloved Ryan": On December 2nd, 2008, Ryan left early […]

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