A Visit to Europe

13 January 2016

Just a few posts from Europe to get you learning and praying… Thankfuls at Advent (Belgium) Daily Life (Belgium) Building (Moldova) Thank You from Ukraine’s Refugees (Ukraine)

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The Anti-Radiation Mysterious Mouse Evil Spirit Pad!

2 December 2015

Sorry, there was just no better title for this post, even though it’s just taken from the last link in the list. Here, take this casserole…. I’m way out of my comfort zone (Nicaragua) – cultures collide in issues of life and death. In missions, we often focus much on the term “church planting.” (Moldova) […]

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More “Revived” Blogs

1 October 2015

It’s time for a few more (possibly) revived missionary blogs (see the last post here for an explanation). Check them out – and comment! Do you ever take a break? Think about it – Holidays? (Macedonia) Birthdays – not the same in every culture! Happy Birthday to Me! (Asia) When we need something solid – […]

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Why Didn’t I Learn This Before Becoming A Missionary?

2 September 2015

Some very interesting posts from more of the newest-missionary-blogs-on-the-block! Some posts that will be especially interesting for those contemplating or preparing for missionary service… First, from Moldova, making contacts and sharing the Gospel. And older, but interesting update: March 2015 Prayer Letter So what would you say to your younger self? Here’s a missionary’s take […]

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2014 European Tour!

9 October 2014

It’s about time we took a trip around Europe!  Let’s see what God has been doing… Belgium, Our Mission Field (Belgium)  Ever been in Belgium? Even though you would not be able to locate it on the world map, you probably know it is a small land in the West… Heading off to church through […]

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Church Planting “bottle-neck”, Wresting, and More…

29 April 2014

Just a few random posts and prayer requests… I love these semi-random photos from Dakar, Senegal:  Dakar from here Some interesting insights about church planting in Training Others (Brazil) Wrestling… with life in another culture – in this case, Kenya. Small business, micro loans and projectors in Haiti A simple post, a simple prayer request […]

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First year in Moldova

29 May 2013

I thought you might enjoy this video from missionaries in Moldova – their first year!  An excellent view of the challenges and experiences of a first year missionary family. Brought to you by Gross Family to Moldova.

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19 March 2013

I have lots of new blog posts for you today! One thing that I like to do when I’m posting is share posts that give a little insight into what is happening in another part of the world – what is happening in other peoples’ lives.  Of course, all we really get is a glimpse.  But it’s […]

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Eyes to Europe!

16 October 2012

Europe has been getting a lot of attention lately, partly thanks to the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the European Union. In other news, I was updated our Europe page here, and decided to feature some blogs from Europe for today’s post: A good reminder out of Albania:  God Has Called Us To Work Europe […]

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What’s it like in… Tanzania, Japan, Moldova, Brazil, South Africa, Ukraine and Togo?

31 July 2010

Our bloggers have some great posts that will help you find out!  Here are some recent ones… tanzanian kids say the darndest things – what are the most common greetings this person gets from kids in Tanzania?  I never would have guessed… And by the way, from the same blog, these pictures give a great […]

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