Frustrations and Miracles, Large and Small

1 November 2016

Here’s a recent round-up of posts from missionaries around the world. Thanks for visiting! Insects, Summer, Surgeries, Sprinting… – medical adventures as summer come to Angola. When Words Become Walls – staying with the medical theme, frustrations and the need for grace in Kenya. I Don’t Just Believe in Miracles-I Have Seen Them – God […]

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When Health Fails, Short Term Teams, and More

22 March 2016

This week’s picks – March Madness… (Mozambique) and also some time in Tanzania. Visiting Team from Denmark – how can they serve in Bolivia? Check it out. Fleeting, Time is Heart’s Beating (Mexico) A thought from a missionary who recently suffered a heart attack. Not vacation, catalyzation. (Mexico) A short term team, and thoughts on […]

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Newly added Missionary Blogs!

5 January 2016

Now that the blog lists are cleaned up, it’s time to add a few new blogs! Here are a few recent posts from blogs never before seen here! One of Those Weeks (Uganda)What do you get when your phone falls into the toilet, your computer stops connecting to the internet, your ATM card isn’t working, […]

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When Street Kids Mop Windows (and other missionary blog posts)

22 July 2015

A few more posts from missionaries around the world! We’ve been taking a tour of some of the blogs that are covered here, from the veteran bloggers to the new ones. Today we’re looking at a few blogs that have been out there for about 5 years… A glimpse of life in Tanzania – To […]

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Is Justice Possible?

27 May 2015

What if you had to choose a name for a new baby girl in Mozambique? And what if there was a special cultural tradition about naming babies? What would you choose? To find out what this missionary chose, read What’s in a name? Why fly from Uganda to Nepal? I live in Guatemala, and this […]

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A Few More from the Really Old Blogs…

1 April 2015

A few more from the bloggers who have been blogging the longest! We’re highlighting a few blogs in the order of when they started blogging, as I check on things to update our official blog lists. All the bloggers we’ve talked about in the last few posts have been blogging since 2006 or earlier. Children […]

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Cancer, Karen, and Kinks – Around the World this Week

28 May 2014

I know it’s been pretty quiet around here lately.  That’s because I’ve been travelling and haven’t had a lot of internet access. But it’s time to share a few recent posts with you.  Get to know a new missionary – and pray for one! Cancer Compassion (Puerto Rico, USA) – using cancer on the mission […]

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A quick visit to Mozambique

9 April 2014

Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the Republic of Mozambique.  Mozambique is in south western Africa, a coastal country where wonderful things like cotton, cashews, and coconuts grow! First, a couple of kids to pray for … Meet the Meninos ~ Julio and Gil Wait – missionaries have little kids too?  Seriously…. By […]

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Mozambique, Swaziland, and South Korea…

1 October 2013

Sometimes Bible translation can be – just – hard!  Meet Phil and His Translation Crew, and check back on previous posts to see translation in action (Mozambique). Remembering those who have gone on before us – Zodwa – Heaven’s Gain (Swaziland). This (from one of our newest blogs) is just a post about general ministry, […]

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Nasty weather, education, and photo puzzles (Africa and Asia)

12 February 2013

There are always new blogs here at!  The best way to see some of the latest posts coming through the pipe is to visit the home page and scroll down to see the posts in the box.  You can even sign up for a sampling of the latest posts using the RSS feed at […]

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