Observations & Reflections from the Mission Field

2 February 2016

Just a few recent posts from around the world… Why Go To Another Country? (Chile) “Why are you in Chile?” That’s a question we have received way more times that we can recall. The question is a real door opener… Observations and Perspectives… (Angola) Following are “brief” summaries of some personal vacation conversations with our […]

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Missions: Joy and Sorrow

4 March 2015

What really caught my eye was the post You’ve been a missionary for 5 years and you’re still happy?!?!. This particular missionary tries to explain joy and trials on the mission field – not an easy task! But I was thinking about the post as I read some others. Joys, sorrows . . . there’s […]

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Giving and Receiving

5 March 2014

Today I have a few posts for you about living life in another culture.  From dealing with the mundane, to giving love, to receiving love… What can you do with TRASH?  Just leave it on the curb, right?  Let the trash fairies make it disappear? (Kenya) Update from Hermosillo, Mexico  People change around you – […]

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Praying, Helping, Understanding – All Over the World

5 November 2013

This week I checked out some of the blogs that we’ve added most recently, and then I swung over to a few of our veteran bloggers to see what they were up to.  Here’s what I found: How can we pray for Bible translators?  Here are some great ideas – Perseverance: the life of a […]

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26 Missionary Blogs (from A to Z)

21 February 2011

So I was just sitting here and wondering if I could make my very own A-Z list of missionary blogs. All right, so it’s just another fun way to discover new blogs!  I admit, I cheated a bit with X.  But the Rapp family has to get some kind of a prize for their creative […]

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23 March 2010

The theme of today’s interesting posts – questions.  Here are the questions, just click for more! And how is your string?  If you don’t know how to answer, click here (Mali). Why the violence?  And why are leaders so silent about it? (Nigeria) I don’t know, how often do you ask for a cat at […]

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Short Term, In and Out, and Other

15 July 2009

Though they’re not included in the main blog lists and aggregator, I like to write once in a while about short termers, missionaries that travel frequently in and out of other cultures, and blogs that simply don’t fit in any other category.  That’s our theme today! Romania – Wednesday – The final night of the […]

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Have time to pray?

29 May 2009

Do you like to browse missionary blogs just so that you can take time to pray?  Let me save you some time – here are some missionaries who are asking for prayer for various things.  Let’s take a quick tour and pray for these things – maybe there’s even a way you can be a […]

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Some of the World’s most Populous Countries

2 April 2009

Today Missionary Blog Watch is proud to bring you some posts from 7 of the most populous countries in the world (not the top 7, but 7 of the top – get it?).  As a matter of fact, the people from these countries alone make up almost 50% of the population of the world!  Here’s […]

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More thoughts from the field

5 March 2009

Just wanted to share a few more random posts I enjoyed recently.  First one out of Thailand – thoughts about a very challenging subject, Contextualization.  What do you think? And how about some thoughts from Nigeria … who could resist reading a post entitled May Erin always be fat? And a post from Paraguay.  What […]

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