13 November 2017

I know I posted about Bible translation last week — but hey, it’s hard to get very far if you can’t even hear God’s Word in a language you can understand! So here it is — a post from just a few days ago in Democratic Republic of Congo: Tembo New Testament received with much […]

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God is Working in South America

8 March 2016

Starting off our trip in Chile, just how do you eat an elephant? It’s kind of like being a missionary… check out Returning & Regrouping. And in Ecuador, for those who think that all missionaries should have pictures of big spiders on their blogs, here it is – Tarantula in Talin!. From Paraguay, the wonders […]

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Christmas in . . .

23 December 2015

Here are some Christmas missionary blog posts for you to enjoy – not necessarily from this year, but you can check out the home pages of the blogs below to see what’s new! Celebrating Christmas in Angola Christmas In Uganda Christmas Party at the Shelter (Mexico) The Impact of Christmas (Bulgaria) CHRISTMAS in RURAL PARAGUAY […]

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Changes, moves, and transitions…

19 February 2015

Lots of variety, as usual, and lots to think about – and pray about! BIG changes ahead (Senegal): One missionary couple struggles with a big decision. Please Try Again Later… (Philippines): So what happens when the missionaries need to move to make room for the tourists? Respect (Hungary): I kiss your hand… To Camp or […]

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Money and Other Needs – What do they look like?

22 October 2014

We know that there are many needs around the world, many challenges and struggles, but sometimes we lack understanding about exactly what they look like.  So let’s take a look at some recent posts: James 2:18 working faith… (Honduras)  We have been having computer issues as of late.  The one I am typing on is […]

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Where the Action Is: Brazil, Thailand, Russia and more…

11 June 2014

The world will soon be watching Brazil because of the World Cup… but maybe the most exciting thing happening isn’t where you think! Why were these people climbing up Munku-Sardik in Siberia, Russia? A sad story from Niger – Refuge Gone Wrong. In Paraguay, these missionaries welcome some short-termers!  It’s always interesting to see what […]

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19 March 2013

I have lots of new blog posts for you today! One thing that I like to do when I’m posting is share posts that give a little insight into what is happening in another part of the world – what is happening in other peoples’ lives.  Of course, all we really get is a glimpse.  But it’s […]

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South America, Here We Come!

11 December 2012

South America, Here We Come! So I update the Missionaries in South America page!  So today I’m going to feature some recent videos from missionaries in this part of the world… Sometimes I just like reading the snippets of prayer requests and praises that missionaries have on their blogs.  For example, this from Argentina. There […]

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26 January 2012

Going through our list of up-and-coming missionary bloggers, I’ve found a few posts to share.  The first three are interesting because of the emphasis on networking throughout the body of Christ.  And the last one is a great blog about a wedding in Tanzania. Gastro-Geographical Linguistic Tour of Latin America:  Think you know Spanish?  Enough […]

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Happy 200th, Paraguay!

2 May 2011

The South American Republic of Paraguay is celebrating 200 years of independence this month!  So, in honour of the occasion, we’re going to take a look at some blog posts from the country… For example, in this post, What I have been doing, is that water or… ? Oh, and speaking of strange liquids… Question: […]

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