Changes, moves, and transitions…

19 February 2015

Lots of variety, as usual, and lots to think about – and pray about! BIG changes ahead (Senegal): One missionary couple struggles with a big decision. Please Try Again Later… (Philippines): So what happens when the missionaries need to move to make room for the tourists? Respect (Hungary): I kiss your hand… To Camp or […]

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From our “Veteran” Bloggers

31 December 2014

It’s been almost a year since we focused on our veteran missionary bloggers! They’re not “old”, they’ve just been blogging for a long time. So today we take a look at what they’ve been posting lately… This post starts out by saying,“According to Operation World, in Thailand there are more people enslaved by the sex […]

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More from our Veteran Bloggers

15 January 2014

As I continue to update various pages here, I’ve been reading the blogs of some of our veteran missionary bloggers.  Currently this refers to missionaries that have been blogging for 8 years or more (can you believe it?). So here are some recent posts from some of those bloggers.  Of course in a short post […]

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Help the Philippines in Jesus Name

11 November 2013

Most of you know that the Philippines has been hit by a terrible storm.  Here’s a post from Java with the Johnsons:  Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan Please pray for the missionaries who are on the ground at this time.  I checked to see if there is a way to help through some of the missions of our missionary […]

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More New Blogs!

7 June 2013

There are even more new blogs here now – and here are a few recent posts for you to enjoy… A Double Espresso for My Heart:  You mean long term missionaries still struggle with heart issues?  (Philippines) 14 New Believers:  Were you looking for better news?  (Papua New Guinea) Another Day in Bangkok:  Another “good” […]

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Life, Longing, and Love in the Philippines!

11 March 2013

The latest update around here was on our page Christian missionaries in the Philippines.  So it’s time to see some of the latest posts from bloggers in that part of the world! First, let’s start with an older post from November.  This post has a story/reflection about Filipinos going as missionaries to other countries in Asia. […]

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Are we making an impact? Or are we being impacted?

5 March 2013

I hope the answer for any missionary is yes!  Here are some posts from a few of the newest blogs to be added here at… 2nd House of Hope Finished! (Haiti)  It’s the simple things – like having a place to live that functions! Everyone used to call him Moncho. (Costa Rica)  Reflections on […]

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This Week’s Challenge – Send a Care Package!

30 January 2013

I recently revisited our page on care packages.  Seriously, there’s some great stuff there. Have you sent a care package to a missionary lately?  Why not make this the week that you take the time to do it!  You can read some great suggestions on the page above.  But don’t get overwhelmed by the information either […]

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Scripture Passages from Missionaries

21 January 2013

Today I was looking at some of the scriptures that missionary bloggers shared with us back in 2006.  So today I thought I would browse and see some of the passages that missionaries are talking about today. For example, at The Ransom Note in the Philippines, Psalm 101:1-8 is a favourite. At the blog Always […]

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5 Countries, 5 Posts, and a Surprise.

10 October 2012

Today we’re just going to look at a few random posts from missionary bloggers around the world.  And – there’s a little surprise at the end of the post. From Russia – A Smattering of pictures, showing what life is like, especially for some MKs. Health issues can be a huge struggle for a missionary. […]

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