Thoughts on “Evangelism” in Quebec, Canada

30 January 2009

The Karch family recently moved their blog – check out Movemment Quebec for the brand new format. I’m actually mentioning it because I enjoyed their recent post, Don’t Reduce It To Polemics!.  It’s a great summary of thoughts on sharing, evangelism, "felt needs", etc, particularly in the context of Quebec, Canada.  Here’s how it starts: […]

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Quebec, Canada: Seeing but not seeing

30 January 2007

Hidden in the continant of North America are a few large areas with very few believers.  Amazing considering the Christians and resources that are available right there.  One of these areas is Québec, Canada.  Québec is the largest province in Canada, covering 1,542,056 km2, and home to over 7.5 million people, the majority French speaking. […]

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