South Africa

Blogging for over 10 Years!

11 March 2015

I’m going to be updating the blog lists on this site, so I’m starting with the veteran bloggers again. Here are some of the most recent posts from the bloggers who have been around the longest – in this case, over ten years! It’s great to visit some old friends! Something Worth Living For (Mexico) […]

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More from our Veteran Bloggers

15 January 2014

As I continue to update various pages here, I’ve been reading the blogs of some of our veteran missionary bloggers.  Currently this refers to missionaries that have been blogging for 8 years or more (can you believe it?). So here are some recent posts from some of those bloggers.  Of course in a short post […]

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A visit to South Africa

11 December 2013

I just updated our page with missionaries in South Africa – so it’s time to visit a few recent posts from these and other blogs! Like birds?  Here are some pictures of the very cool Spotted Dikkop Just a few pictures about Teamwork! The LERATO (love) has been mostly “Wordless Wednesday” pictures lately.  But they’re fun […]

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From New Bloggers in Africa…

21 March 2012

I’ve added some more new bloggers to the brand new missionary bloggers page (which is still under construction – I have another 30 or 40 blogs I want to add).  Of course they’re new in the grand scheme of things – these are missionaries who started blogging in 2008 or later. Anyway, in the process, […]

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Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming…

30 May 2011

Well, that’s enough of giving things away for a while – it’s time to get back to what we’re all about: Missionary Blogs! But did you know that missionary bloggers are always giving things away?  They’re taking the time to share their lives with you, and share with you about what God is doing! So […]

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26 March 2011

Stories about them, pictures of them, how they live, what they need – these posts all have at least something to do with children… Two new little lovebugs! (South Africa) Equipo San Andrés es lo mejor! (Guatemala) Even if My Father and Mother Abandon Me . . . (Philippines) Plan B: punt (Ukraine) Precious Children […]

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26 Missionary Blogs (from A to Z)

21 February 2011

So I was just sitting here and wondering if I could make my very own A-Z list of missionary blogs. All right, so it’s just another fun way to discover new blogs!  I admit, I cheated a bit with X.  But the Rapp family has to get some kind of a prize for their creative […]

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Travelling Around Africa

26 January 2011

So, I’ve been travelling all around Africa!  Well, not in real life – but via the blogs of our many missionary bloggers in Africa.  So I thought I’d stop and share with you some of the posts I found! Do we take for granted the simple things – like electricity?  In Senegal, getting basic steady […]

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Visiting the new blogs from 2010!

30 December 2010

I thought it would be appropriate to end 2010 by visiting a few of the blogs that were started in the past year.  So here are some posts from the brand new blogs! Boyana River, Bulgaria Celebration Christian Center & Prayer:  How to pray for missionaries who are preparing to go to the field – […]

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Making Disciples

25 September 2010

For the most part, missionaries want to obey Jesus’ command to make disciples (all right, if they don’t, are they missionaries?).  But how is that done?  What does it mean?  And how can we get outside our own desires and plans and see what Jesus would have us do? Today, let’s look closer at missionary […]

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