Humbling and Challenging…

2 June 2015

Some challenging posts today from around the world, to open our eyes to what’s happening and what God is doing… Let’s start with some Ecuador ministry in pictures (and some text too)! Now on to Haiti. If you had to walk 40 minutes in the heat to just to get to water, what would you […]

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Mexico, Haiti, and More…

13 May 2015

Would you like to meet a few people in Spain, and hear about what God is doing? Check out it out here: The Lord giveth… And now, some thoughts from Mexico: Making the Most of Your Mission Trip – Tips for a successful cross-cultural experience There are times when you really learn to appreciate water […]

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Bilimeters and Sinverguenzas

19 November 2014

It’s amazing what little bits of technology can do, if you have access to them.  Take for example the famed Bilimeter (Rwanda)! Sometimes tearing down the walls is not a good thing.  Take a look at the opposition this project has had… Save the Date! (Democratic Republic of Congo) Oh yeah, things are different here.  Good? […]

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2014 European Tour!

9 October 2014

It’s about time we took a trip around Europe!  Let’s see what God has been doing… Belgium, Our Mission Field (Belgium)  Ever been in Belgium? Even though you would not be able to locate it on the world map, you probably know it is a small land in the West… Heading off to church through […]

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Building Up People in Spain

18 September 2013

The latest page to be updated here is the Missionary to Spain page.  So, guess what?  It’s time for a visit to Spain! So you’ve arrived in Spain as a missionary family – what now?  Well, it’s time to get settled… find out more from the Newton Family. I just recently shared another post from […]

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School – Africa, Europe, South America

6 September 2013

Many of you may be starting a school year – so here are a few school-related posts! Getting ready for school (Ecuador) “First Bell!” (Ukraine) A New School Year (Kenya) First Week of School Lessons (Spain) And now, if you’re stressed out by school already – how about a bit of peace?  Fun Friday (Kenya)

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Challenges – Europe, Africa, North America, South America!

4 December 2012

Here are some challenges that missionaries face.  Have you prayed for a missionary lately? Not knowing people’s age (Kenya) Keeping warm (Hungary) Developing others (Chile) People that don’t understand (Mexico) Moving!  Both in Ghana and Spain.  Translates to – change change change!

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Day/Month of the Bible!

7 May 2012

Hey, did you know that it was the Month of the Bible in Spain in March?  Well, it was.  Check out what the Bible Society in Spain had to say about it (in Spanish). Actually, a number of different countries celebrate Bible months or weeks – for example, for Australia it’s in May.  In the […]

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In Thailand, and Returning to the Field.

17 September 2011

From Thailand… a post about being a hero, and a little glimpse of culture in Fido Rides Again. 🙂 Don’t forget those who are preparing to return to the field, such as this family going to the Philippines. And while we’re away from the field, check out a creative way to raise funds – Faso […]

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A Talk With A Missionary In Spain

4 December 2010

While you’re reading blogs, you get a lot of glimpses of particular events, days, and topics.  But sometimes it’s nice to get a general overview of what is going on in a certain missionary’s ministry. And that’s what you can do today – hear a 4 minute 41 second talk by John Chesney, a missionary […]

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