Videos, a cool tree house, and more!

31 January 2012

We’re moving right along with the updates on our Up-and-coming missionary bloggers page.  Here are some interesting posts I’ve come across lately, including a couple of videos… The joy of envelope-stuffing in Kenya The eyes of the world are on Greece – are we praying? Now that is a cool tree house in Taiwan! A […]

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More from the Vets

13 December 2011

I continue to update our blog lists and pages, starting with our veteran bloggers.  Here are a few more recent posts from the vets for you to enjoy: How an economic crisis in Swaziland is impacting those with HIV…. No CD4, No Initiation Some reflections on Christmas from a missionary in Uganda – To Wait […]

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Practising Medicine: What’s it like?

24 June 2011

Specifically, what’s it like it east Africa? I really enjoyed this post from Ginna about the challenges, frustrations and blessings related to practising medicine where she is.  Here’s the start – click through to read the rest. ‘So, what’s it like to practice medicine over there?’ That is a questions I was asked a lot while […]

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Travelling Around Africa

26 January 2011

So, I’ve been travelling all around Africa!  Well, not in real life – but via the blogs of our many missionary bloggers in Africa.  So I thought I’d stop and share with you some of the posts I found! Do we take for granted the simple things – like electricity?  In Senegal, getting basic steady […]

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27 October 2010

According to the World Health Organization, in 2008 there were 243 million cases of malaria.  Malaria accounted for 863,000 deaths, and 89% of those were in Africa. But, of course, those big numbers don’t say much about the families that have lost children, fathers, and mothers.  It doesn’t tell us about coworkers and friends who […]

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At My House…

16 September 2010

A few recent posts about the places where missionaries live, and what they live with… How would you like to live and work in this place in Burkina Faso? In many places security is a big deal – here’s one way they deal with it in South Africa. And over in Uganda, a description of […]

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Videos, pictures, and naming God

12 February 2010

Lots going on out there in the missionary blogosphere – I’m especially noticing an increase in the use of video!  So here are some posts with video first, then we have a few more… How to train fleas (Ecuador) – I know you’ve always wondered. Retreat and Prayer Requests (Japan) – just a basic update […]

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Beauty and Hope – this week’s Missionary Blog Posts

3 February 2010

Some more random posts from around the world – enjoy! Let’s get practical – How Can You Pray for Missionaries?  Some great ideas here. Getting ready for hot season… just how do you do that in Niger? What’s it like going to a women’s conference in Sudan?  Read all about it and see some pictures […]

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Unusual Food, Amazing Flashlights, and why these kids are NOT future missionaries…

19 December 2009

Drinking coffee in SudanPhoto courtesy of joodmc Food, drink, Christmas outreaches, flashlights… quite a variety today from our bloggers.  I don’t know what it is, but the posts seem to be getting more and more interesting – check out this eclectic set from recent days… Zillions of Cookies in Russia: Don’t you love this kind […]

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In the Villages of Sudan

8 August 2009

I’ve been enjoying the stories of the travels of Loriann in Sudan.  She just wrote a couple of posts about her "Ganza trip", listening to and sharing with people in villages in Sudan.  The Ganza are a tribe of people in Sudan, and it’s fascinating to hear about their lives and concerns. You can read […]

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