An eclectic set of posts…

5 August 2014

Quebec City, Canada Today just a few random posts from around the world for you to enjoy!  I’ll warn you – these posts are very eclectic.  Everything from food to history to disease to evangelism to … well, read it for yourself. Fruit Soup! (Hungary) Timeline: Thai Church History in Global Context (Thailand) An update […]

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Mozambique, Swaziland, and South Korea…

1 October 2013

Sometimes Bible translation can be – just – hard!  Meet Phil and His Translation Crew, and check back on previous posts to see translation in action (Mozambique). Remembering those who have gone on before us – Zodwa – Heaven’s Gain (Swaziland). This (from one of our newest blogs) is just a post about general ministry, […]

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Remember the Children

19 December 2012

There are a whole lot of missionaries out there who work mostly with children.  Recently I reviewed some of their blogs, updating our Christian child missions page.  Here are a few of the recent posts I enjoyed: Lomasontfo is a beautiful 12 year old girl full of confidence. She is currently top of her class […]

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More from Missionaries in Africa

23 August 2012

I was just updating our Christian missionaries to Africa page, so I decided it would be a good time to share some posts from some of our featured bloggers from the continent… Some thoughts on life in Senegal, and how things have changed… Don’t miss this one.  "People don’t want to be missionaries to places […]

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More from the Vets

13 December 2011

I continue to update our blog lists and pages, starting with our veteran bloggers.  Here are a few more recent posts from the vets for you to enjoy: How an economic crisis in Swaziland is impacting those with HIV…. No CD4, No Initiation Some reflections on Christmas from a missionary in Uganda – To Wait […]

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Hope in Swaziland

7 July 2011

We’re heading back to Africa – this time a little further south, to Swaziland! First, just some personal thoughts in a post entitled Hope. Next, and interesting story about the use of technology in primitive conditions for medical purposes – First World Technology in a Third World Country. Next, a thought provoking post about faith […]

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Change, News, and Chinglish…

5 May 2010

The incredible posts never stop . . . I wish I had time to highlight them all!  First, here are some comments regarding current news events that you might be interested in – the strike in Nepal, for example.  And from Taiwan, some comments about "Chinglish" and China’s World Expo. On the culture, a common […]

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Beauty and Hope – this week’s Missionary Blog Posts

3 February 2010

Some more random posts from around the world – enjoy! Let’s get practical – How Can You Pray for Missionaries?  Some great ideas here. Getting ready for hot season… just how do you do that in Niger? What’s it like going to a women’s conference in Sudan?  Read all about it and see some pictures […]

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Unusual Food, Amazing Flashlights, and why these kids are NOT future missionaries…

19 December 2009

Drinking coffee in SudanPhoto courtesy of joodmc Food, drink, Christmas outreaches, flashlights… quite a variety today from our bloggers.  I don’t know what it is, but the posts seem to be getting more and more interesting – check out this eclectic set from recent days… Zillions of Cookies in Russia: Don’t you love this kind […]

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Countries less mentioned – Part 2

10 June 2009

Welcome to the second part of our focus on countries that aren’t mentioned here so much, for whatever reason.  The first part was here.  Here are some posts from those countries around the globe.  Remember, these are only introductions – be sure to poke around these blogs to learn more: Uruguay:  "When I picture an […]

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