An eclectic set of posts…

5 August 2014

Quebec City, Canada Today just a few random posts from around the world for you to enjoy!  I’ll warn you – these posts are very eclectic.  Everything from food to history to disease to evangelism to … well, read it for yourself. Fruit Soup! (Hungary) Timeline: Thai Church History in Global Context (Thailand) An update […]

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Reflections from Asia…

7 February 2014

Just a few blog posts that I’ve been reading today: The Humility of Listening (Mongolia):  A fascinating post about the struggle of speaking – and listening – in a second language. Again on the theme of the challenges that missionaries face, Friends: A Key to Survival on the Mission Field (Thailand) You’re making me hungry… […]

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Taiwan Highlights

10 July 2013

I went for a cyber-visit to Taiwan recently, while updating this page:  Christian missionary work Taiwan.  Let’s take a look at a few posts that I found: So why are you learning English?  Here’s one answer – out of the mouths of… How do you deal with practical issues – porn? Computer games? Those are […]

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Scripture Passages from Missionaries

21 January 2013

Today I was looking at some of the scriptures that missionary bloggers shared with us back in 2006.  So today I thought I would browse and see some of the passages that missionaries are talking about today. For example, at The Ransom Note in the Philippines, Psalm 101:1-8 is a favourite. At the blog Always […]

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Videos, a cool tree house, and more!

31 January 2012

We’re moving right along with the updates on our Up-and-coming missionary bloggers page.  Here are some interesting posts I’ve come across lately, including a couple of videos… The joy of envelope-stuffing in Kenya The eyes of the world are on Greece – are we praying? Now that is a cool tree house in Taiwan! A […]

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26 Missionary Blogs (from A to Z)

21 February 2011

So I was just sitting here and wondering if I could make my very own A-Z list of missionary blogs. All right, so it’s just another fun way to discover new blogs!  I admit, I cheated a bit with X.  But the Rapp family has to get some kind of a prize for their creative […]

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If I want to feed my family… and other reflections

18 August 2010

It doesn’t matter.  If you’re a missionary from Kenya to Egypt, or a missionary from Japan to Canada, or a missionary from the USA to Ecuador.  There are challenges.  Things to get used to.  Surprises. Here are some of the experiences missionary bloggers have been through lately.  For example, this blogger in Niger laments If […]

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Markets and Food

9 July 2010

I decided to take a stroll to the market to try out some new foods and check out the atmosphere.  Here’s what I found… Something fishy makes a missionary scream… in Congo Lending a helping hand with Romaine in Tanzania Answered prayer at the night market in Taiwan Watch them cook in the Dominican Republic […]

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Change, News, and Chinglish…

5 May 2010

The incredible posts never stop . . . I wish I had time to highlight them all!  First, here are some comments regarding current news events that you might be interested in – the strike in Nepal, for example.  And from Taiwan, some comments about "Chinglish" and China’s World Expo. On the culture, a common […]

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23 March 2010

The theme of today’s interesting posts – questions.  Here are the questions, just click for more! And how is your string?  If you don’t know how to answer, click here (Mali). Why the violence?  And why are leaders so silent about it? (Nigeria) I don’t know, how often do you ask for a cat at […]

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