Thoughtful Posts about Missionary Life

22 April 2015

We’re continuing our journey from the oldest blogs out there to the newest. These are still experienced bloggers. And today they have some thoughtful things to say… A great post from Uganda: What to do when your life looks mostly like this: (well, click to find out!) Want to actually pray for people in Ukraine? […]

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Books, Lights, War and Peace…

17 September 2014

A few more recent posts from Africa and Europe… Uganda countryside (Uganda) – thoughts about life after war After traveling (Russia) – so how was it travelling from the US to Russia? The Books Piled Next to My Bed (Ghana) – what are missionary families reading? Ways to be praying for Ukraine (Ukraine) – something […]

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Bullets, Big Rocks and – The Precious Exhauster?

2 April 2014

On wonders how some vehicles survive the journey.  Great pictures from Niger in Odds and Ends during March. Lent and the Precious Exhauster (Kenya) – hey, you’ll be thankful if the Precious Exhauster ever needs to come to your house! Big, small, medium-sized – they’re all stresses in Ukraine.  But finally this missionary has a […]

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Falling Mountains and Swimming Hippos

18 March 2014

A few great posts for you today – some really interesting glimpses into life in other countries. For example, some of the goings-on in Honduras.  Trying to get through the practical things, and praising God for what He allows.  Check it out:  As the LORD allows… Now, let’s head down the Niger River!  This trip is […]

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School – Africa, Europe, South America

6 September 2013

Many of you may be starting a school year – so here are a few school-related posts! Getting ready for school (Ecuador) “First Bell!” (Ukraine) A New School Year (Kenya) First Week of School Lessons (Spain) And now, if you’re stressed out by school already – how about a bit of peace?  Fun Friday (Kenya)

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Missionaries – and GOD! in Ukraine

28 August 2013

While updating the Ukraine Missionary page, I came across a few interesting posts from Ukraine.  Here they are! The Medical Importance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ  The resurrection of Jesus truly could be the most significant event in the history of mankind, apart from the incarnation of Christ.  It has extreme importance for those […]

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Don’t Just Read…

14 August 2013

Some very interesting posts for you to enjoy today.  And remember – you can be involved!  You can pray!  You can leave comments at the various blogs!  You can even contact many of these missionaries through their blogs and see what you can do to help. Don’t just be a reader – be a doer! […]

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19 March 2013

I have lots of new blog posts for you today! One thing that I like to do when I’m posting is share posts that give a little insight into what is happening in another part of the world – what is happening in other peoples’ lives.  Of course, all we really get is a glimpse.  But it’s […]

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More posts from New Missionary Bloggers…

29 March 2012

I know, I’m still stuck on those newer bloggers.  Last week I put up some posts from Africa – this time we’re not going to be so specific… The Funny, Strange, Bizarre, … and the Blessed  Do you ever see anything… unusual in Peru?  I’m sure this post isn’t the half of it… From the […]

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Videos, a cool tree house, and more!

31 January 2012

We’re moving right along with the updates on our Up-and-coming missionary bloggers page.  Here are some interesting posts I’ve come across lately, including a couple of videos… The joy of envelope-stuffing in Kenya The eyes of the world are on Greece – are we praying? Now that is a cool tree house in Taiwan! A […]

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