3 October 2017

This week we’re going to be looking at some posts from recent disasters. Because I’m usually writing these posts in advance, you’re not always seeing the latest news. But, of course, you can always go to the home page of the blog to see if there is more recent news. Of course I’m also limited […]

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Thoughtful Posts about Missionary Life

22 April 2015

We’re continuing our journey from the oldest blogs out there to the newest. These are still experienced bloggers. And today they have some thoughtful things to say… A great post from Uganda: What to do when your life looks mostly like this: (well, click to find out!) Want to actually pray for people in Ukraine? […]

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Blogging for over 10 Years!

11 March 2015

I’m going to be updating the blog lists on this site, so I’m starting with the veteran bloggers again. Here are some of the most recent posts from the bloggers who have been around the longest – in this case, over ten years! It’s great to visit some old friends! Something Worth Living For (Mexico) […]

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Cancer, Karen, and Kinks – Around the World this Week

28 May 2014

I know it’s been pretty quiet around here lately.  That’s because I’ve been travelling and haven’t had a lot of internet access. But it’s time to share a few recent posts with you.  Get to know a new missionary – and pray for one! Cancer Compassion (Puerto Rico, USA) – using cancer on the mission […]

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Bullets, Big Rocks and – The Precious Exhauster?

2 April 2014

On wonders how some vehicles survive the journey.  Great pictures from Niger in Odds and Ends during March. Lent and the Precious Exhauster (Kenya) – hey, you’ll be thankful if the Precious Exhauster ever needs to come to your house! Big, small, medium-sized – they’re all stresses in Ukraine.  But finally this missionary has a […]

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Arepas, Church Growth Secrets and Desperate Measures

26 March 2014

More posts for you from around the world! Photo courtesy of Steven Depolo As we watch all the upheaval in Venezuela on the news, I’m reminded of a good memory of Venezuela – of course, it has to do with food.  So I’m sharing an old post from a newly-added blogger about Arepas! Now, one […]

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Missionaries in North America

22 October 2012

Once again I’ve updated a page – this time the missionaries in North America page.  So here are some recent posts from that part of the world… Broken heart syndrome and a (very early!) Victorian Christmas Tea Party (Canada) A sad story, with hopefully a happy ending – sheep without a shepherd? (Mexico) More sheep […]

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Bi-Cultural Marriage – Challenging?

29 February 2012

We enjoy lots of friends who are in bi-cultural marriages.  Here’s the perspective of one missionary in Mexico: Although marriages to another ethnicity are becoming quite the popular thing nowadays, in some circumstances it’s not easy peasy. Being always honest and frank, I would love to share with you a little about the ins and […]

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Christmas is a’comin’

4 December 2009

It seems to me that a lot of people out there are getting ready for Christmas.  Let me show you what I mean… From Niger, Gifts for Those Who Have Everything In Russia, find out what getting ready for Christmas is like when you’re away from home in Christmas Decorating And in Brazil, find out […]

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New Missionary Blogs – October 2009 Edition

1 October 2009

I’ve been working to catch up on many weeks of emails, and yes, I have many new blogs for you!  And let me tell you, they’re from all over – Europe, Africa, North America, Asia, and Central America! Our newest blog is from a family preparing to go to Guatemala.  If you’re interested in community […]

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