Teams, Ebenezer, and Three Afghan Stars in the Bazaar

by Jim on 1 March 2016

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Pottery in Honduras

Pottery in Honduras

So, you’re looking for something to pray about? You’d like to know more about how God is working in the world? Maybe you’d like to be more involved?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. And here is the place to begin – a few posts by missionaries around the world.

Let’s start with a couple of posts about teams coming to serve in a foreign country. First, from GuatemalaWe started 2016 with a bang, literally!

Second, from Honduras, Amen post.

Next, a stuck van, a broken tow rope, and something about “Ebenezer” in BelizeThus Far

Let’s get out of the Americas and move to Africa – to be specific, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and A Day of Joy and Thanks and some new graduates to pray for!

Finally, in Pakistan. You’re eating breakfast, and three other foreigners are watching you. What happens next? Well, it all has to do with Three Afghan Stars in the Bazaar!

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