Tell A Story – Missionary Blog Tip #15

by Jim on 7 November 2009

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Tell a story!

It’s real simple.  Tell a story in your post.

It’s surprising how little this is done, when it could be done.  So often people have a way of telling the cold hard facts rather than telling an interesting story.  Heroes, villians, challenges, drama – we live it everyday – let’s write about it!

I just read an incredible blog post that will give you ideas for your next story.  There are so many different angles, so many different stories that can be told.  The post is called 14 Types of Stories You Can Tell On Your Blog.  Here’s an except:

Yesterday we explored WHY stories can be such a powerful communication tool on your blog.

Today we’ll look at 14 types of stories that you might like to try on your blog.

14 Types of stories can you tell on your blog

  1. Personal Discovery Stories – tell how you discovered a lesson. These stories show your readers how similar you are to them and also might give some practical advice on how they might learn from your experience.
  2. Stories as Analogies and Illustrations – tell a story that on the surface has nothing to do with your topic but which illustrates a principle that is relevant.
  3. Success Stories – tell how you achieved something. These stories can be inspirational and motivating for your readers.
  4. Failure Stories – I find that these stories are incredibly powerful – particularly if you are able to show some lessons learnt through a failure.

Read the rest here.

Remember also, there are different ways to tell stories.  Use pictures.  Video.  Write a conversation.  A comic.  Draw pictures.  Audio.  Coloured text.  All these things can be done on your blog.

Go tell a story.  Tell us what kind of a story, and what you used to tell it, in a comment!

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