The Basics, and Learning to Trust

by Jim on 11 July 2017

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It’s the basics that are important. Sharing the gospel, baptizing, teaching people to obey Christ. So it’s good to see it happening, for example, in Australia: Dear Praying Friends…

And there are many special ways to serve – for example, this is a little late, but Happy Mother’s Day! (Uganda)

And while we’re in Africa, let’s read this reminder from Kenya that sometimes it’s hard for us to trust! Cleaning Closet

Nepal - Mountain LakeAnd speaking of trusting, sometimes it’s especially hard to trust when it comes to past memories of … visas … (Nepal) The most dreaded thing…

And now for a report on earthquake relief in Ecuador: Last Weekend’s Relief Effort

What happens when you’re a missionary from Romania serving in Malawi, and you return to Romania after 3 years? Well, you may notice things you’ve never noticed before. Romania: first impresions

And let’s end how we began – the basics – in Moldova2017 May Prayer Letter

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