The Flock

by Jim on 9 June 2012

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You may have noticed I’ve added more blogs to our new bloggers page here.  You also may notice it’s completely impossible to keep all the links up to date!

However, I’m going to share a few posts from our new bloggers once again.

  • Extremes (Nicaragua):  One thing we’ve noticed down here in Nicaragua, are the extremes everywhere we look.  What can you expect from a country called the land of fire and water?  There is so much beauty around us and so much ugliness right next to it…
  • Care for the flock that God has entrusted to you. (Thailand):  So often we find ourselves wondering what if … What if the IFES movement in Thailand was as large as the one in the UK?  What if we had a huge team of passionate students committed to the Gospel?  What if our student leaders were all excited about…
  • TIST (things I saw today) (Ecuador):  Can you see her?  She looks so tiny from here, but she walks around the neighborhood with a bell and a herd of goats…
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