Watching God work, as the years go by …

by Jim on 9 January 2018

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Hi everyone! And welcome to 2018!

Red chicken and chips

I think this is similar to the red chicken and chips in the post from Tanzania (photo courtesy Zizounyc)

Just three posts today, but they’re good ones. Check these out:

  • To me, this post emphasizes the joys of long term ministry. I’m not necessarily talking about being in one place for a long time (actually, this missionary wasn’t), but simply the joy of seeing God work over the course of years in peoples’ lives. From Tanzania, The Story of Nikky (and me, and her mom, and Kajal, and God…oh, and red chicken)
  • Next, heading to Cameroon, this is an interesting reflection about Returning Home. Ask many of us where our (earthly) home is, and the answer could get – complicated.
  • Finally, from Mexico, watching God work through challenges and struggles. What better theme to start the new year with – Power in Weakness.
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